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Building My Colony – As a Soldier

Building our colony took a very long time. However there were problems. Since I am the strongest person in my colony, I helped carry all the heavy things, stabilize all the buildings, and put on the roofs of some house. I also helped a slave and indentured servant build the big house. We had to get up at dawn and work till dusk. We did not really have much free time to do what we pleased.When we finally finished, we felt really tired. But we also felt proud.

Colonial America – Pt 2 – Persona

We are doing Colonial America in class. It is really cool!. This is about who I am, what I do in my freetime, and my backstory…

I am a soldier. I am 18 years old. My mother died when I was born. And my dad got shot by the Spanish armada. So I went to the Southern Colonies because I didn’t have anyone to live with. I live by myself in a little house next to the blacksmith and slave quarters. In my freetime I work at the blacksmith as a gunsmith. I make the guns I use to fight off the natives and the Spanish. I am friendly with all the slaves and indentured servants. I work for Scott Peterson (The Plantation Owner). We have an militia that I am the head soldier of.

I really enjoy being a soldier because we are starting the american revolution. I will be a big part in this. I am very excited!!