Rube Goldberg Post 2

Our group tested the different steps in our Rube Goldberg. After we tested all of the parts separately, we combined some parts and tested them.

Most of the time, the parts we tested worked, but sometimes they didn’t work and we had to find out what was wrong, change it, and test it again. After we finished testing one part, we would move on and start testing the next part. We tested a bunch of parts and had to use makeshift supports too. Matthew also brought in a paper funnel we needed for our Rube Goldberg. After a lot of testing we thought we had a pretty solid Rube Goldberg. We also tested some Marble Run things for another part of our Rube Goldberg. Then we took some notes on a notepad and started discussing what we would do in our next meeting.

Rube Goldberg Post 1

Currently we are doing a Rube Goldberg project. A Rube Goldberg is a really complex contraption to do a simple task. For example, you could have all kinds of pulleys and levers and tubes and all kinds of other stuff, just to push a soccer ball into a net.

First we made a plan of what our Rube Goldberg would be like, and what the task would be. We decided that our task would be to get a ball into a basket. After we were done with our plan, we started researching ideas for our Rube Goldberg. When we were researching what we could use in our Rube Goldberg, our group, Matthew, Santi and I, came across some videos with some Rube Goldberg ideas we could use. We got this really cool reverse track idea and a bunch of other really cool contraptions like a funnel, a tube, a chain, and some dominoes.

After we got a lot of ideas, we started planning and testing some of our things. Mostly things went well, but when some things got difficult, we got distracted  a bit and didn’t focus on our work. But after a while we got back to our work and got thin done. Some things were challenging when we worked on our Rube Goldberg. For example, some things took lots of precision to set up, and when we tested it, it didn’t even work! Those times got us really frustrated. But after some time, we made it work but our group had to go back home.

Our Rube Goldberg is still far from done but we are working on it and things are going pretty well. At our next meeting we plan to build and test some more of our Rube Goldberg and move some things to my basement. We will also start planning the 2nd blog post.


Rube Goldberg Post 3

For our meeting, we tested our Rube Goldberg a bit more. We changed it a bit so the chance of failure is a lot lower. We changed a ramp so the ball would have a higher chance of hitting the dominoes. The ball used to miss the dominoes a lot. That’s why we had 37 fails from our meeting on Friday. (2nd blog post)We had our first success after 42 fails!

After our success, we decided to add some more steps to our Rube Goldberg because our Rube Goldberg was around 50% ramps and dominoes. We added a marble run contraption, which was really challenging. (A marble run contraption is a contraptions made of all kinds of tubes, and a marble goes through whatever contraption you built.)We had to secure the contraption with lots of tape. Once we did that, we discussed how else we can improve our Rube Goldberg with some really cool ideas, and went downstairs because our meeting had to end soon. After the meeting ended, my mom and I discussed some more ideas for the Rube Goldberg. My mom got a really cool idea that had something to do with acid base reactions. Now I’m super hyped for our next meeting!!

Feature Article Podcast Reflection

This is the link to my podcast.

The process for making the podcast was really long and hard. First we had to write out a script fro our podcast. Then we had to rehearse it a lot. Then we had to get a box and a microphone and record our podcast until it was just right. It is really hard to record because in the microphone your voice sounds really unnatural. After we recorded the podcast, we had to edit it. We had to add automation, add music, rerecord things etc. After we were done editing, we published it and put it onto our drive. Then it was pretty much done. Another thing that made the podcast harder was that we had a deadline and we only had 4 boxes and microphones so so we had to take turns. Our podcasts also had to be around 2 minutes long. In conclusion, the podcasting was really hard but our hard work totally payed off.


Edcamp Reflection

On Wednesday, 11/28/18, we had an Edcamp presentation. A few moms came and told us about what they did. There were a few presentations at 10:15, and there was another at 11:15. You could only choose one for each time. I chose a interior design one and a magazine one.

The first one was interior design. The presentation was by Chase Kantor’s mom. It was pretty interesting. She told us about haw she started her own business, Tara Kantor Interiors. Then she showed us how being an interior designer worked. Then she picked a girl and a boy to demonstrate. then we got some paper and fabrics to plan a bedroom that we would like. I really liked it.

For my second choice, my mom was the presenter (since she used to work for a magazine company). She showed us how magazines are made. Then she took out two magazines as examples. She told us some more about magazines. Then we got to ask questions. After the questions, we brain stormed ideas of a Heathcote magazine. The theme colors, the text, all of that stuff. I think my mom’s presentation was really good.

Overall, I think it was a great experience.

plant blog post #3

For pollination we used our fingers and dabbed it on a flower, then we moved it to another flower, and used our fingers and dabbed on it again. We did this until we touched every flower. After our plants were pollinated, they started to die and pods started growing on them.

Since the last blog post, things changed a lot. The controlled plants are very green, the soil is wet, one of the controlled plants is 18 and a half centimeters tall, it has lots of pods, it’s biggest leaf is 5 centimeters, and it has some new buds. Our manipulated plants are dying, they are not as green as the controlled plants, the manipulated plants are wilting, the soil is dry, one of the manipulated plants are 9 and a half centimeters tall, and it only has 2 pods.

I predict that the manipulated plants will die and I predict that the controlled plants will grow better than it is now.

These are our controlled plants on May 30,2017.

These are our manipulated plants on May 30,2017.

plant blog post #2

For the past 2 weeks my class planted seeds. We planted two different seeds. One was a controlled and the other was a manipulated. The controlled had all the variables it needed, water, soil, light, air, and fertilizer. The manipulated had one changed variable. My group changed the soil into sand.


Today our largest controlled plant measures 7 centimeters tall. It was growing almost straight up. The soil is wet. The controlled plant has lots of healthy leaves. The biggest leaf measures 2.5 centimeters long. Both the leaves and the buds are green. The plant with the most flower buds has 12 buds.


Our largest manipulated plant measures 7 and a half centimeters. It has 23 buds. The other three manipulated plants didn’t grow as well. Two of them were pretty small. The last one didn’t grow at all. All of the four manipulated plants together has 12 leaves. The manipulated plant had fewer leaves than the controlled.  The manipulated plant was heavier than the controlled plant. Maybe the reason is that sand is heavier than soil. Or maybe we just packed the sand tighter than soil.


My conclusion is that the largest controlled and the largest manipulated plants grew similarly well. I think overall the controlled group are growing much better than the manipulated. My conclusion about soil versus sand is that plants grow better in soil than in sand, because sand does not have as much nutrients and minerals to support the plant growth.

These are our manipulated plants on Monday, May 15th, 2017.

These are our controlled plants on Monday, May 15th, 2017.

Plant Observations #1

During last week we planted seeds for our new science unit. I have no idea what they are. We had a controlled plant and a manipulated plant. For our manipulated plant we used sand from the playground instead of soil. We could have changed the light ,the water, and the fertilizer. I thought it would be the same because it still might have the same minerals. It also had some dirt in it. The controlled plant had had all the variables it needed. Our question was if sand would make it grow taller.

After one week this is what we observed. The manipulated and controlled were both one inch tall. The soil and sand were moist, and they both smelled like nothing. The manipulated one was heavier than the controlled. Maybe the sand was heavier than the soil. 

These were our controlled plants on Monday, May 8, 2017.

These were our manipulated plants on Monday, May 8, 2017.


Maglev Reflection Day 3

Today my group put the cup onto the maglev. We put 19 marbles in the cup until it fell on to the track because it was to heavy. Then we put a track in the middle so it could support more weight. Here are a couple of pictures.

At first we used a bunch of tape to hold on the cup. But that added a lot more weight. So then we just let the cup rest on the maglev. It actually worked a lot better than before.