Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry and  machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge. Technology can help people do many things in fact basically everything has a bit of technology. Technology was first made around 2 million years ago that is crazy. Made nearly two million years ago stone tools such as this are the first known technological invention. This chopping tool and others. It comes from an early human campsite. I think technology is a really great thing and it will continue for ever.


Today in class we are learning about gears for example the force of gears and the type of gears and what some gears do. So we talked about what things use gears some are clock, washing machine,dryer,tv and things like that. Gears were made in the 3rd century and now gears are a very helpful item a lot of things use gears and it helps everyone if gears weren’t a thing that can be bad for a lot of people. The creator of the gear was Archimedes. In class we are still learning about gears and knowing more things about them and what they do but gears can be a really good project.


We did a project for technology it was to make a catapult when i started making it the popsicle sticks kept falling it got me a bit frustrated then I finished the first one then we glued on the cap for the launcher for the first one and the cap kept coming. I finally finished the first one it launched a marble pretty far. When we started making the second one we noticed we didn’t have  enough rubber bands so we needed to get more. So now we are making the second one but the first one was fun to do and use.

Truss assignment

We had a project to make we hand to make a truss bridge and see what we can fit on top if the bridge. Truss was the triangle and the weight of the bridge when i made mine I thought i was really good it was it was a good assignment to do and it is fun making these projects. My bridge held more weight than I thought it was a good amount of weight. I used cans as weight because real weights probably  would have crushed it. Well over all the assignment was good and i had a good time.

The Technology of Phones

Phones were created back in January 27th 2009 that was the first apple phone they were created by Steve Jobs and his workers. Phones are a every day item we use them when we need help to get picked up through apps apps really help because each app does do different things some entertain you, some call or message people in case you need help or are in trouble, or if you have to leave somewhere. I think the creations of iPhones were very helpful i think they help people all around the world and help people get around, order, entertain and more.

The Eye Beam Results

When i started building my Eye beam I messed up so i had to restart but then every thing started going well. I was building it like how it was in the video then we finished the first one. Then we started are own one we made are own one bigger and wider. When we finished the size difference was big then we but cans in instead if weights. For the one me made in the video it held 5 or 6 cans then it twisted one the other side and bent. The second one held 8 to 10 cans it had more strength and it was bigger it tip over after 8 to 10 cans but it didn’t bend that much.

Capstone Blog Post #1

When I started doing Capstone I didn’t know what I wanted to do. So I thought something that would be interesting so I thought of Landmarks. I liked that so I did some research about landmarks. Then I had to think about what landmark I wanted to do so I did a research of my few favorites landmarks those ones were The Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty. I chose the Empire State Building because I have the most experience in it and it is one of my favorite landmarks. After I chose my topic I went to make a research slide show. In the slide show, I showed resources, main inquiry question and sub-questions.

Capstone Blog #2

I started getting resources for the Empire state building and getting interview questions for my interview. There were a lot of interesting things I found and helpful resources it was good for me to pick the Empire state building over a few other landmarks. I made a slideshow for my note-taking and main inquiry and sub-questions to help me figure out what things are helpful to use for my video. When I did my interview I found out a lot of different facts and interesting things that can be helpful for me about New York and the empire state building itself.

Rocket reflection

Today we did our rocket launch I had to take the video for are group the other jobs are launcher which hit’s the button. The other job is doing the pump to set up the rocket. The last job is the countdown person they make sure everybody is ready. There is a trundle wheel to make sure the clinometers shoot from 50 meters The data recorders record the data of the clinometers. After the launch, we did the clinometer average and the height was 46.5. We did really good on the first launch. We got to make a change so we fixed our fins we rebuilt are fins. Then it came it was our second launch I was the launcher On the first launch I was the video. We did our launch are height was 59.5 it was better than our last one. It was very fun doing rocketry we built the rocket, also did research, Inspiration board, the first launch, made a change than did launch two. It was a lot of fun.

building a colony persona

It was hard building the colony it was very hard. It was hard work I hurt myself. We took a long time to do it. We had to find go ares to put the houses. We had to work together to make houses. We had to use all the materials we had there were a lot of houses it took weeks. We had to agree where what goes. We had to sleep on the boat until we finished building we had to stay up all day all night to work. It was hard staying up all day and night working it was super hot. It was hard to work in the heat all day sweating in the hot sun.