Great Pacific garbage

Hi My name Jeff I’m the great pacific garbage I’m really really really really really really really evil,blood thirsty,not lazy, really really  really  really  really smelly and super annoying that you will hate me in 10 sec and i’m super mean and not lazy.

this is me:i’m to annoying to take a picture of my face.

All About Soccer

Hello there! Would you like to learn about soccer? I love soccer and I want to teach people about it, so I wrote a book. It took me a long time to write my book about the history of soccer. If you want to learn about soccer click here !

All about soccer

Hello there! This is the history of soccer. Soccer is a game that I love soccer. It took me a long time. In soccer you use feet, head and chest. To find more information about how to play soccer check out my work!


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My favorite things

Hello word I’m Jay and I’m in 3rd grade. I’m 8 years old. I was born in Africa. I came to America when I was 8 years old And this is my first blog. I love youtube, google and recess. I want to go to NASA because I like space. My favorite animal is a cheetah. My favorite sport is soccer. In soccer I’m good on defence.In soccer I shoot the ball in the goal. And this is my first blog. My favorite friend is Nathan Tao. In soccer Nathan Tao trained me and Nathan Tao was born in China. I speak three languages: French, English, and Kirundi. I like to be to America.