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Tennis Innovators Academy or TIA is a great place if you want to see gradual improvement in your tennis skills.I give TIA a five star review because every time I go there the coaches will always point some mistakes you made to help in later practices. Their  games always have a relation of what they’ve taught us in the drill. For example, last week I worked on depth perception. After we had finished the drill we rallied  and we had to predict would the ball land offense, defense, or neutral? This would help when you against your opponent you can have an idea of where the ball would land and move to that spot. There are many levels that help you improve with your tennis skills. If you’re a beginner in tennis you should start on red ball or orange ball. The reason to this is, some balls are lighter than others.  These two levels can help you see if you need a level higher or lower. The next level is Junior Academy. This level helps you develop more advanced skills after the beginner level. Once you’ve accomplished those two levels the last level is called High Performance. When you’re in most levels you could come on the weekend for extra lessons, but when you’re on High Performance you have a choice to come on the weekend to vs. someone in a match. I think that Tennis Innovators Academy is a great place to learn tennis! For more information go to

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  1. Tia sounds like a great place to play tennis and i love playing it. Can you please send me the link on comments to the tennis camp

  2. Tennis Innovators Academy is a good training place because I lost to their team so that shows they train the players well. Different balls for different players is a good idea. i liked how you added defense, offense, and neutral predicting. I think it’s a good idea to go here.

  3. Hi, Jalyn! I cannot believe you go to Tennis Innovators! I love going there too. By the way, we are on the same level and I had Kwame as a coach last year. I hope you get on to high performance. If I were your coach, I would move you up to high performance by now because according to me, you are really good at tennis.

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