Hello! I haven’t posted on my blog for while, so you might wonder what I’m doing. I mostly am at school, but when I’m not, I am usually on the internet. I’m mostly on YouTube, or Minecraft. Sometimes I play video games with my siblings if they don’t have work. I watch TV a lot. […]

The Temperate Forest Food Web

                       An ecosystem is an environment in which living and nonliving things interact in order to survive. In an ecosystem, living creatures eat nonliving things. This is an ecosystem. Living things get their energy from many things. For example, the grass gets its energy from the sun. Some animals get their energy from other things […]

The Alexander the Great Important Book

Alexander the Great: The Important Book   The important thing about Alexander the Great is that he was one of the greatest generals in world history. He was born in Pella or Greece. His father was the king of where he lived, Macedonia. As the king, he wanted to conquer the Persian Empire. Alexander’s father […]

I’m Back

Hello! I’m back, and I’m in fourth grade! I’m going to be doing a lot more blogging than before (hopefully). I love Chinese food, I do a lot of mock parkour, so it’s not real. Parkour is just running around, jumping, and doing other crazy stunts.  I’d love to do real parkour when I’m a […]

A Review of Star Bucks

Starting off, StarBucks is an amazing place with great service. The ambience is very nice but sometimes loud. I like the place very much but the (some) drinks are very sugary (and some of the food too). It is usually crowded when I go so you should probably go when it is somewhat early (7am to […]

I want to bike more.

I should be able to bike ride a lot more. Usually my friends’ parents want them to bike ride, but here that’s not the case. I’m the one that wants to go bike riding and you’re the one nagging me about exercise. I ask you, but you say no. You always want to walk, so […]


Hello. My name is Jake and I’m 8 years old. In my Spare time I like watching Youtube videos, Reading (both school reading and reading Harry Potter), writing, and drawing. My favorite thing to do though is playing video games.  I love the book series Harry Potter. I love Skateboarding and biking outside and I […]