I want to bike more.

I should be able to bike ride a lot more. Usually my friends’ parents want them to bike ride, but here that’s not the case. I’m the one that wants to go bike riding and you’re the one nagging me about exercise. I ask you, but you say no. You always want to walk, so walk while I bike ride. I’ll be having fun while doing exercise. I feel I should go bike riding WAY more often.          

Okay so we have a problem. You want me to get exercise, and l want to go bike riding. So why won’t you let me? My legs would get stronger by pedaling hard. But I would obviously alternate between biking and running. Just because I shouldn’t run all the time. That way if I run for a month and then don’t run for a month, I would run longer than before. Do you see what l mean?

I usually don’t really take good care of some of the things I have, but I will take care of the bike. I would take care of the bike because the bike will get dirty, or maybe break down. I will clean the bike, pump the tires (but you will have to get the pump and the bike out of the basement), I would also be extremely careful of my surroundings and I would not ever go into the road even if I want to. Also I will fix the bike if it breaks. So that’s another thing proving I should bike more.

If you don’t know already Mom has been constantly sitting by the window when the window is wide open and the sunlight is really  bright. She wants me to sit there doing literally do nothing. Don’t you feel bad for me just sitting there bored out of my mind? I could actually be outside having fun, not sitting there just doing nothing. If you let me go bike riding, I would spend a lot of time with nature and I would stay more than an hour. Mom wants me to get exercise so why not let me? I could spend time getting sunshine outside and having fun. And I would be entertained not while being on the computer. And if you don’t know already, biking is exercise too you know. So you can’t say I can’t go bike riding and then five seconds later say I need to get exercise. In the end, the best bet is to let me go bike riding or I won’t go outside until you do.

So you always say you are tired, but mostly I am energetic because I’m only 8 years old. But if you let me go biking, and you run along side me, then you will get more energy. Again a foolproof idea. And if you get tired again we could go home.  

I feel I must make biking my top priority. I would spend every second getting exercise on the bike. I would also spend time taking care of every inch of the bike. And I would even spend time with mother nature. So it’s now or never to take me bike riding.

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