A Review of Star Bucks

Starting off, StarBucks is an amazing place with great service. The ambience is very nice but sometimes loud. I like the place very much but the (some) drinks are very sugary (and some of the food too). It is usually crowded when I go so you should probably go when it is somewhat early (7am to 9am). And no wonder they call it the “coffee Masters”. Though limit yourself on the sweet drinks and food because it is again very sugary. And if you don’t know if the drinks or food are sugary, the food has a little piece of paper with the information of that snack. And for drinks you can even get a free starbucks app. You even get free things on it! so in the end, i would rate star bucks 5 stars. Plus, if your ready to order, here the Website: https://www.starbucks.com/


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