I’m Back

Hello! I’m back, and I’m in fourth grade! I’m going to be doing a lot more blogging than before (hopefully). I love Chinese food, I do a lot of mock parkour, so it’s not real. Parkour is just running around, jumping, and doing other crazy stunts.  I’d love to do real parkour when I’m a bit older. But my dream job is to be an engineer.


           One time, after school, my friends were teaching me to do vaults. Vaults are part of parkour. I tried doing the hardest one, the con-vault, but it didn’t end up so well. I tripped and fell.  A con-vault is when you push up on a bar that is about equal height to your waist, then put your feet up to make it to the other side of the bar. After a while, I got used to doing con-vaults and finally did one successfully. It was pretty fun, but it was pretty hard too.




           I remember the first time I had Chinese food. I was about a couple months old, and it was so good! I always used a fork when eating Chinese food, but my mom said I eventually had to learn to use chopsticks. It took a year to get used to using chopsticks completely, but once you get used to it, it’s really easy. But my favorite food is from Japanese culture. It’s ramen, and it tastes AMAZING! It definitely is better than Chinese.  The ramen place I go to is called Ramen Musashi.


        I’m also really good at coding. I sometimes I make animations based off TV shows I watch. And I signed up for an after-school club for coding.


I’m excited about what’s happening in the future. I know it’s already November, but I think my class will do a lot of blogging. And I really like blogging, so I think this year will be awesome!



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