The Alexander the Great Important Book

Alexander the Great: The Important Book


The important thing about Alexander the Great is that he was one of the greatest generals in world history. He was born in Pella or Greece. His father was the king of where he lived, Macedonia. As the king, he wanted to conquer the Persian Empire. Alexander’s father died when Alexander was young. When he died, Alexander decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He had created the largest world empire in the ancient world. By the time of 329 B.C, Alexander had possession of all the land which used to belong to the Persian Empire. He had followed his father’s dream and his own dream, but Alexander wasn’t done yet. After that, they moved towards the east. Alexander and his army had traveled furthest east than anyone in the world had in his time. He wanted to find the ocean that people said circled around the globe. But his army wanted to go home, so Alexander agreed. He split the army into three groups, different groups. Alexander led the third group. After almost ten years, and 25,000 miles of sailing, they hit home. After a couple of years, Alexander tried to keep his empire in shape, but he couldn’t much longer. He was falling ill at the time. After a few days, Alexander the Great died, at age 32 in the year 323 B.C. Without Alexander at the front of the line, the empire fell apart. But the important thing about Alexander the Great is that he was one of the greatest generals in world history.



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  1. Dear Jake,
    I really like your post! It is very interesting that he conquered so much land. No wonder he was called Alexander the “Great”!


  2. Dear Jake,
    I love your blog! I think Alexander the great is awesome! I can’t belie that he got so much land! Was he always called Alexander the great? I like the way you put the picture of his statue. I also like the way you organized the passage
    – Lucy

    1. Thanks, Lucy. Alexander the Great’s real name was Alexander the III of Macedonia. Too bad his father died, if he lived a bit longer, he could’ve seen Alexander become the great leader he was then.

  3. Your post is really interesting . It was so cool that Alexander the Great was one of the Greatest leaders in the world . I am really amazed . From , Nathan .

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