Nonfiction Unit

In the weather unit,  we did a lot of new things including learning how to take notes more efficiently, to work with other classes and many more things.

In this case, I worked in a team with  Ms. Berger’s class. It was a group of around 9 people and the research topic was tornadoes. We had a few arguments, but It worked out in the end.

When we learned how to take notes, we learned about summarizing. We can now summarize properly with boxes and bullets, compare and contrast, and with other strategies too.

We learned about writer’s craft. An example of writer’s craft is to ‘Hook the Reader”. Which means to get you interested in the book you are reading, and to get you to read the book. Another example of a writer’s craft is ‘Build a Mood’. That means to write something to make you feel something like sad, or happy. We looked at the song, ‘’Let it Go” and analyzed it. I found that the song was much weirder than I thought.

We had to do a ‘spark’ research question, and my original one was “How was the El Reno Touchdown the largest tornado, but not the strongest?’’ I then couldn’t find any articles about the touchdown, so I changed it to how tornadoes are so strong. The question seemed so simple, but then I had to use at least 6 sources to get the project done. At least I could answer the question.

In the beginning of the unit, before the weather unit, we had to pick random topics to research. I chose foxes and Japan. We researched them for a couple weeks, but then we never did anything with those books again. It was kind of pointless but it was still pretty fun. I learned a lot about foxes and Japan from those books. The whole unit transitioned from Non-fiction to Weather… kind of. We still read non-fiction but it was assigned to be weather, so we didn’t have a choice.

In the weather unit, my group and I had to make a google slideshow to present the things we learned about our topics. Most people just pick a tornado for a background, then write some bullets. That was basically mine. I had a bit more than just that. I tried my hardest to make it look good, but not too flashy that it would overwhelm the slide. 

It had some ups and downs, but it was very fun to make slides, and do other research. One of the teacher’s names was Mr. DeBerry. He was there for the reading unit and the beginning of the weather unit. He left when we started our second weather topic. I had two research topics. I did hurricanes, then tornadoes.

My class did a flipgrid to talk about the things we learned in about 2 minutes. Flipgrid

Each day, Mr. DeBerry taught us more and more about how to read and take better notes. He used a particular book, called, All About Weather. We used that book for most of the lessons we had. The weather groups were recorded on their final presentation. I think my group was the shortest, but that doesn’t matter


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