I don’t think I like too many things. But there is one thing that I love more than most other things. That is technology. I really like it, and it is because I think I’m good with it. I also like it because it can teach me things in different ways. But the about technology […]


Hello once again. It’s that time of year, when Easter comes around. Now you know that I’m going to talk about a holiday once it comes around. Now, let’s start. Easter doesn’t have an appeal to me. I know I said that in the Valentine’s day post and the Chinese New Year post, but it […]

Current Events

Current Events. Name: Jake   Article: Adorable Blue-Eyed Robot Teaches Infants To Communicate   Source: Dogo news.   Date: 3/6/2018   Summary. Matt Simon: In the article ‘Adorable Blue-Eyed Robot Teaches Infants To Communicate.’ Written by Sarah Benton Feitlinger, she tells the reader that there is a robot called the RAVE that can help […]