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Article: Adorable Blue-Eyed Robot Teaches Infants To Communicate


Source: Dogo news.


Date: 3/6/2018



Matt Simon:

In the article ‘Adorable Blue-Eyed Robot Teaches Infants To Communicate.’ Written by Sarah Benton Feitlinger, she tells the reader that there is a robot called the RAVE that can help people learn to speak. Not just the robot helps though, there is a Computer Monitor that plays a video. The way that this works is simple. It has a camera that sees where the child or person is looking. It then gets the person’s attention by doing a gesture. The baby looks to the robot, and the robot directs the baby’s attention back to the computer screen.


Ann Petitto is a neuroscientist who designed the RAVE. She said that she made it to help kids learn english, or communication in general while they still can. RAVE helps deaf children learn to communicate with the help of the video designed for the machine. I think this is helping because of the things people say, and also on my opinion. It uses Highly advanced technology to interact with the baby’s movements. It sees the child move, then it responds. For example, if a child points to the machine, it will say “Are you pointing at me?” The robot can have a full on conversation with people in sign language (ASL) until the person gets bored and moves on.


The difference between watching youtube videos and playing with this machine is because you can interact with it. You can talk to it, you can do things with it, lots more. People say it’s bad, because it’s taking time away from your parents teaching you, or your school. But others say it makes it easier to learn, and that’s why it’s good. I think that it was a good idea, because you can do it more easily. It’s a time saver, so you can spend more time with your kids.

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  1. Dear Jake,
    I like how you explained why Ann Pettito wanted to make it . Also I liked how you said that the robot was not the only one that helped people to learn how to speak.Plus I like how you told how the robot and the computer moniter worked together. But the only thing is how does the robot tell the baby to look at they screen, like what gesture does it do?

  2. Some people think that if your deaf you are not going to be successful in life.Well I think this robot could change everything.
    The picture helps the writing become more interesting as well as making a clear picture in my mind.
    Is the infant having fun when he is with this robot?

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