Hello once again. It’s that time of year, when Easter comes around. Now you know that I’m going to talk about a holiday once it comes around. Now, let’s start. Easter doesn’t have an appeal to me. I know I said that in the Valentine’s day post and the Chinese New Year post, but it still never caught my eye that much. Easter is a christian holiday, and that’s mostly why I don’t have any feelings for it. And I also don’t really get why we involve bunny’s in it. I still think it’s a fine holiday, people are happy, chocolate and candy is being distributed, etc.  Whenever me and my dad go out and get ice cream around Easter time, we always see Easter decorations, and chocolate bunnies. I know I didn’t really give my traditions in this post, but I don’t really celebrate it, and I wanted to get a holiday post out for Easter, so sorry about that. But still leave a comment if you liked the post.

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  1. Jake – Easter isn’t one of my favorites either. I do like the pretty decorations and, of course, the chocolate! My family usually has a big get-together around holidays, so I enjoy that, too!

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