I don’t think I like too many things. But there is one thing that I love more than most other things. That is technology. I really like it, and it is because I think I’m good with it. I also like it because it can teach me things in different ways. But the about technology I like most is that it’s entertaining. So now I will tell you the reasons that I love technology.

The first reason that I like technology is because I think I’m good with it. I don’t think I’m as good as expert coders who do it as a profession, but during coding classes, or even at home, people ask me for help. I sometimes get a little annoyed. “JAKE. I NEED HELP.” Julius yelled across the room. Of course, I went to his desk, and he asked the thing I thought he would know already. He asked how to delete something you copied. “I already showed you, You just hold control, then click.” I told him. He said thank you, and I went back to my seat. Seconds later, he asked me the same question. I will admit, it got on my nerve a little. And countless times my mom has asked for help. But I think it is a little bit fun to help out, and that’s a reason I like technology.

The second reason that I like technology is because it has taught me things in different ways. One time I found out that there was something called inspeceting. It’s where you get to see the coding of the website, and then you can change it until you refresh the page. It’s cool, but it’s not actually hacking, it’s more of just looking at what a website is made out of. I found out a way to do a ton of cool things, and that I could change formats, pictures, messages, or basically anything on google chrome.  I then could change the dots to cover up your password to like your regular print. I think this taught me because I can do lots more with this.

The third and most important reason I like technology is because it is fun. I can spend hours playing with my friend Brandon online, and even by myself. I remember one day, me and Brandon were playing a scary game. We were playing for 2 and a half hours. It was really fun to play with friends on games. I also recall me and Nico playing a game, and it was really fun. We were playing a guessing game, and me, Nico, and Brandon got most of them right.

Technology is a great thing. I really like it. Because I’m good at it, it teaches me things, and most importantly it is fun. This is why I love technology more than other things, solely because of these reasons.


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