Wonder       By R.J Palacio   the book ‘Wonder’ by RJ Palacio is about a kid named August, who has facial deformities. He was homeschooled for all of his life, but now he has to go to 5th grade in a public school. He meets many friends, and bullies, and I think the book is really […]

The problem with plastics

The world as some problems. What I mean is plastic. The U.S government says that my 2050, we will have 13 billion tons of plastic waste. Straws, forks, spoons, knives, and more plastic products are polluting the world. Back in Washington D.C , there is a harbor with plastic garbage as far as you can […]

April fools day

Hello there! Since it’s April, I’m going to talk about the 1st of April, or April fools day. Know, I don’t count this as a holiday, but some of you do, so I will talk about it anyways. April fools day is the perfect day to be annoying. Now, I usually just say really random […]