By R.J Palacio


the book ‘Wonderby RJ Palacio is about a kid named August, who has facial deformities. He was homeschooled for all of his life, but now he has to go to 5th grade in a public school. He meets many friends, and bullies, and I think the book is really good. The story takes place in Beecher Prep, an elementary school. He does get bullied mid year, but at the end, he gets praised for being such a brave kid.

August Pullman is a normal kid on the inside. But on the outside, he’s something else. His face is not like every other kid’s face. But he is a normal person. He’s a nice, shy, short, kid whos going through 5th grade without a normal face. Julian Albens is a normal kid, inside and out. Though, he’s not kind. He is the ‘’bully’’ to August, calls him names, gives him notes,  wand talks behind his back. Mean, and ‘’Popular.” He’s mostly doing this to be cool. Jack Will is a normal kid, not a bully, not a ‘bestie’ with anyone, just a normal, laid back kid. When it was first announced that he would be forced to be friends with Auggie (August), he didn’t like the idea. But over time, they did indeed become best friends.

Wonder’s theme is that don’t judge a book by it’s cover. What this means is that don’t determine who someone is from their looks. This is exactly the case with August. His face doesn’t look normal, but inside, he has the feelings of any other normal feelings.

The author thinks that everyone should be friends with each others, whether their race, look, or anything. I like R.J Palacio’s style of writing, because it’s relatable. Up to date kind of. It’s not like Harry Potter where everything is magical, it’s real. It’s easy to relate to.

I finished the book in around a week and a half, so I think the book is just right for 4th grade. Some people may disagree, but for me it is. I think the author wrote the setting of the book very well. As I said before, it’s relatable to kids nowadays. I think everyone should get along, and be nice. This doesn’t relate to me, but I think it relates to other people. I would recommend it to my friends, because sometimes we get a little mean to each other. I would show them that some people can’t handle these things, like August. He started crying when people said he was ugly, saying mean things.

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