Don’t forget to get your free comic (or two)on May 5th!

TITLE: Don’t Forget To Get Your Free Comic Book (Or Two) On May 5


Article Date: May 3rd 2018


News type: National


Author: Meera Dolasia


In the article, Meera Dolasia says that if you love comic books, then May 5th is going to be your favorite day. Apparently, on May 5th, they give out free comic books from participating locations in this event. A guy who owned a normal old comic book store. His name was Joe Field. He got the inspiration after seeing Baskin Robbins “Free Cone Day.”  He said that is would help get every back into like old school comic books. He also wanted to make other comic book store to participate in this free comic book day. People say that over 15 million people were going world wide on this day, but that was in 2002, in 2018, it kept growing.

They don’t only give away comic BOOKS however, they even give signed posters, and even disney merchandise. They got so many famous actors from movies. They even got Tom Hardy, who is going to play the supervillain, Venom, in an upcoming movie about him. It’s going to come out in October of this year. 30 lucky fans will be able to have an exclusively signed poster by Tom Hardy. Even if you don’t get one of these thirty posters, they still have 2,500 more posters waiting for you. Even if you don’t like marvel or disney, there are even more comics for you. Are you a video game fan? They have comic books for games like Overwatch, or even a popular TV shows. Personally, this is really cool, because who doesn’t want a free book? And it’s a comic book! This is better than free cone day in my opinion.

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