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Have you ever seen those scary movies, or even video games, where super scary aliens pop up out of nowhere? Well, if those movies and games scare you, then reality must not be on your side because it has been noticed by researchers and scientists that there is a chance of extraterrestrial life on venus. Back in 1962, it was like a race to space for the soviet union and america. In that time, the soviet union and the US sent out spaceships to check out venus. Just to know, venus is extremely hot. Its surface can reach temperatures of up to 864 degrees on average. That’s hot enough to melt lead. You might think that by having that high of a temperature, it would make living there impossible, but when the Soviet Union and the US went to go check it out, they found certain parts that were dense enough in the atmosphere to have a life form survive there. A scientist and astronomer teamed up to see if a life form could live there for good, and sure enough, it is possible. After that research, scientist and astronomers can agree that alien life on venus is plausible. After awhile, a group of University of Wisconsin-Madison students had decided to work on this subject even more. By doing this, they found 30 bacteria particles that had the exact same dimensions of a human bacteria particle. One of the researchers says that if they really want to be sure if there are extraterrestrial bacteria particles in those said cloud patches with said density. While NASA is busy doing all this research along with Wisconsin-Madison students, the Soviet’s plans say they are going to launch another ship to venus. Who will win the race to space. US, or the Soviet union?

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