I don’t think I like too many things. But there is one thing that I love more than most other things. That is technology. I really like it, and it is because I think I’m good with it. I also like it because it can teach me things in different ways. But the about technology […]


Hello once again. It’s that time of year, when Easter comes around. Now you know that I’m going to talk about a holiday once it comes around. Now, let’s start. Easter doesn’t have an appeal to me. I know I said that in the Valentine’s day post and the Chinese New Year post, but it […]

Current Events

Current Events. Name: Jake   Article: Adorable Blue-Eyed Robot Teaches Infants To Communicate   Source: Dogo news.   Date: 3/6/2018   Summary. Matt Simon: In the article ‘Adorable Blue-Eyed Robot Teaches Infants To Communicate.’ Written by Sarah Benton Feitlinger, she tells the reader that there is a robot called the RAVE that can help […]

Chinese New Year

Hello again! Now, every time there is a holiday, I’ll try to do a blog post. This time, I’m going to write about Chinese New Year. Now I’m half Chinese, so you would expect me to celebrate Chinese New Year, but for my family, it’s not very big. We do go out for dinner, and […]

Blood on the River

    Hey! Blood on the river is a really good book on the colonial times. It’s about a boy named Samuel who is being sent to the ‘New World’. The book is very good, and it’s very interesting. I really like social studies, and it’s actually my second favorite subject. So of course I […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello! I don’t actually do that many special things on Valentine’s day because My family doesn’t think of it as a holiday. But in class, we do things. Most years, we decorate bags, and we give out stuff, and candy, and other things all great like that. We still did that this year, without candy. […]

Nonfiction Unit

In the weather unit,  we did a lot of new things including learning how to take notes more efficiently, to work with other classes and many more things. In this case, I worked in a team with  Ms. Berger’s class. It was a group of around 9 people and the research topic was tornadoes. We […]


Hello! I haven’t posted on my blog for while, so you might wonder what I’m doing. I mostly am at school, but when I’m not, I am usually on the internet. I’m mostly on YouTube, or Minecraft. Sometimes I play video games with my siblings if they don’t have work. I watch TV a lot. […]

The Temperate Forest Food Web

                       An ecosystem is an environment in which living and nonliving things interact in order to survive. In an ecosystem, living creatures eat nonliving things. This is an ecosystem. Living things get their energy from many things. For example, the grass gets its energy from the sun. Some animals get their energy from other things […]