Hello once again. It’s that time of year, when Easter comes around. Now you know that I’m going to talk about a holiday once it comes around. Now, let’s start. Easter doesn’t have an appeal to me. I know I said that in the Valentine’s day post and the Chinese New Year post, but it […]

Chinese New Year

Hello again! Now, every time there is a holiday, I’ll try to do a blog post. This time, I’m going to write about Chinese New Year. Now I’m half Chinese, so you would expect me to celebrate Chinese New Year, but for my family, it’s not very big. We do go out for dinner, and […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hello! I don’t actually do that many special things on Valentine’s day because My family doesn’t think of it as a holiday. But in class, we do things. Most years, we decorate bags, and we give out stuff, and candy, and other things all great like that. We still did that this year, without candy. […]