News Report – Ejection!

It was a sunny day on September 25th, 2019 kids from Heathcote’s 5th grade were piled up on a bus on the way to the Board of Legislator building. On the way board of legislators trip but they hadn’t been invited to. Tony Jin 5th grader at Heathcote nervous before meeting Benjamin Boykin (The Legislator of Scarsdale). Aaron Lichtenstein a 5th grader at Heathcote said that he can afford the trip he thought it was going to be boring but after the trip, he thought it was pretty fun at all.

Rocketry Blog Post #4

Launching the rocket was so much fun because I want to see how high it went so badly and I was excited and graphing.

Our launch went so high, I was so surprised. Everybody launch got off the launchpad and we got to launch a second time after we had already launched. I was the launcher and placer it was fun because I got to launch the rocket. For the second launch, I was the air pumper. When I was clinometer reader the rocket went passed where I thought it was going to go so I jerked my hand up and the reading way too high. This launch was so much better because it went so much higher.

Our rocket went 129ft or 39.5m in the air. We are changing our fins from cardboard to foam because it weighs less.

We worked well during the launch but when we finished launching Reid and I forget that we were clinometer readers so when we saw Charlie over there we quickly ran to our station. We worked okay with graphing we argued a little over the height but other than that we were okay.

Rocketry Blog Post #3

Building the rocket was so much fun. I kept thinking to my self will this go high enough because I thought we put to much tape on the rocket.

We did change the body much smaller because all the other groups had small and thin bodies and their rockets went much higher than ours. 

Everything went well we chose our body size, we made it smaller. We had to ask Mrs. Cooper if we could make the fins smaller because if we didn’t our fins would be half of the length of the rocket.

We built a Superman rocket because we used a red body and Yellow and blue tape. For the fins, we colored one fin blue another red and another yellow.

We all worked well together when we designing the rocket we argued a little. When we building the rocket we also worked well but we had a first design but when we put it in the folder overnight it exploded.

Rocketry Blog Post#2

Launch and Graphing the rocket was fun because I have never done anything like it and it was new to even though my group’s rocket didn’t go as high as other groups it was still fun.

We at first we messed up the launch because we didn’t know how to do it. All of our classes rockets work and went into the air. I was the countdown person and retriever when I was counting down I was so excited and when I got our rocket the nose cone was broken from the landing. The clinometer reading was fun I liked pointing the clinometer and things.

Our rocket went 67ft in the air. We will make the body much smaller because all the other groups had small and thin bodies and their rockets went much higher than ours.

Our team worked well together during the launch we all were fine with our jobs. During the graphing, our team did not argue over the height or anything.

Rocketry Blog Post#1

Designing the rocket was so much fun can’t for the launch.

Our inspiration board helped when we were picking fin design because we had no idea what to do for a fin design.

We built our rocket with the thick PVC pipe and the oak tad paper we use three fins in the shape of a cut triangle we used a smaller nose cone for our rocket and we used a taller and longer body. 

The reason we used a longer body is that we think it will make it go higher and we chose a thinner nose cone because it will brush more air away.

Our group was arguing over what fin design to do for the rocket. 

Ignite Presentation Reflection

When I saw my name up there I was so nervous that I would completely mess up. When Mr. Casal pointed at me I started talking nervously but once I got to my third slide I started to calm down, Once I calm down I started to slow down and focus on what I was saying and I started to think what I was saying and added feeling to it. Overall I liked my Ignite Presentation.

King George, What Was His Problem Reflection

(1) – I think the American had a turn for the better once they won the battle of Saratoga because before the battle happened the Americans were losing big time, but once they won the battle the started do really good even though Benedict Arnold during the battle he is getting better in Albany. The Americans had more luck they also got the French to help them defeat the British.

(2) – One question I have is: What will the British army do? How will the Americans use their victory?