Flora and Ulysses Literary Essay By Jiayang Su


Flora and Ulysses is a book written by Kate DiCamillo. It talks about how this girl Flora saves this squirrel named Ulysses from her mom who wants to kill the squirrel. It is full of action and confusion about how Ulysses the squirrel can fly. The predicament is that the mother wants to kill the squirrel. 

What I think that the main theme of this book Flora and Ulysses is how everybody can be a superhero. Most may think superheroes are people who have superpowers, but it really isn’t. Flora and Ulysses, informs you anybody can develop to be a superhero. What do superheroes in the comics do? 

If the mom is a villain, then Flora and Ulysses can become a superhero. And so does the sceptic Flora too. 

And now how Flora changed from an ordinary child and a cynic at the start of the book, chapter one she also proclaims that “She was a natural-born cynic who lived in the defiance of contracts.” But in conclusion, she saves the squirrel and on page 225 shifts her mother’s heart from evil to good. 

And now the squirrel as we said before was a hero too because of fighting evil. But the squirrel is not that special either. In the blurb, it says” He is an unassuming squirrel.” But as Ulysses not only helps Flora but also he fights the cat two times in chapter forty and chapter sixty-six. That proves that even Ulysses can be a hero.

Both the squirrel and Flora change each other’s lives. The squirrel lets Flora not become a cynic but be happy. And Flora encourages squirrel in everything he does.

And now after this essay, I hope that you know that you should be a superhero like Flora and Ulysses. 

After all, this book is not about a girl and an adorable squirrel, which I have got to admit, but it is about being a superhero. About how you can be a hero if not already a hero. It encourages you to do good. Sometimes it does not take much to do to be something extraordinary.

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