Happy New Year!


READWORKS (Reading Comprehension Work)

How to access weekly assignments:

1. Go to:  www.readworks.org/student

2. Students should sign in with their Google account.

3. Students enter class code U3VFJF

4. Assignments will have a due date. Please submit all assignments digitally!


Historical Fiction Book Clubs

Padlet Assignments

Instructions for Padlet:

Each assignments requires a padlet post answering that night’s homework questions. You may comment on another person’s post as well. *Remember to write your initials in the title line and also when you comment on another student’s post!!

Monday 1/8/18
What is the time period in history that your story takes place?

What are the feelings or mood of this period of time?

Tuesday 1/9/18

1.Reading/: 1.Continue HF book club schedule

2. Padlet: Respond to the following questions on your Padlet page:

What kind of person is your main character?

What is the theme that is developing in your story? 

3. Math: Workbook pages 89-90

4.Writing: Personal Essays: Finish your microstories for each of your supporting reasons..If not completed, please finish! We will work on introduction TOMORROW.

5. Word Study: Due tomorrow for your Word Study teacher

**Readworks and Volpi Math Challenge DUE FRIDAY

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