Tonight’s Homework:


Practice using the close reading checklist while using The Woodcutter and The Shepherd’s Boy. Please answer the questions on the back side AFTER you have read the short stories 3 times each!!

Math: Protractor Practice Worksheet!

Due Friday: Volpi Math Challenge #8


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tonight’s Homework:

Reading 40 min Independent Reading/Record in your Log

Math: Textbook 4B pages 102,103,104 Questions #1-10 (You need a protractor/do your work in your math notebook)

Word Study: Due tomorrow (my class is Written word sort and glue words into your Words Their Way Workbook)

Due Friday: Volpi Math Challenge #8

Monday, February 26, 2017

Welcome Back Friends!

2/26/18 Tonight’s Homework:

Reading:  Read the paired passages on the handout: The Honorary Cherokee and The Adopted Comanche Woman and answer the compare and contrast questions on the back.

Independent Reading: 30 minutes/Record in your LOG

Math: Angles Worksheet (questions are on both sides) USE A PROTRACTOR WHERE NEEDED

Reminder that tomorrow is Double Box Top Day!!

Word Study Due on Wednesday!


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tonight’s Homework 2.13.18

Reading: Please Read Valentine’s Day Article on Google Classroom

Answer the following question in your Reader’s Notebook:

Which country’s way of celebrating Valentine’s Day sounds best to you? Why?

Independent Reading: 30 minutes/Log it!

Bring in your Valentines Tomorrow 

Due Friday: Readworks and Volpi Math Challenge #7

Monday, February 12, 2018

Reread the article I shared with you in Google Classroom titled, “North and South Korea To Unite at 2018 Winter Olympics.”
Answer the following question in your Reader’s Notebook:
Given what we have learned from the article and what we talked about today in class, do you think North and South Korea could ever unite? 

Independent Reading: 30 minutes/Record in your log

Google Doc Questions about our Tessallation work from today-
Remember to answer in your math notebook

*Please sign and return your Chorus Concert permission slip 

*Due Friday: Readworks and Volpi Challenge #7



Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tonight’s Homework 2/6/18

Reading: 40 minutes independent reading…we are BUILDING OUR STAMINA

Writing: Let’s continue with our Colonial America subtopics…
Watch 2-3 videos and jots notes on what you watch…focus on the most important parts that you may want to include in your nonfiction chapter (Chapter 2).

Math: Textbook page 135

Due Friday: Readworks with 2/9 due date and Volpi Math Challenge #6