Our Trip to NYC!

Wow!! This was a really awesome day! We started off with a bus tour of the South Bronx, including the waterways between the Bronx and Manhattan. We followed the rush hour traffic onto 125th Street through Harlem and right onto the West Side Highway.
While we were on the West Side Highway, we were able to see some great things in the Hudson River as well as some well-known buildings down the west side of Manhattan.

Next, we headed to the southern-most tip of Manhattan and hopped on the Staten Island Ferry. This gave us an amazing view of many landmarks in the NY Harbor!

After our ferry trip, we took our bus up to Pier 17 at South Street Seaport where we parked, ate lunch and walked through the Seaport and had some amazing views of Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Bridge,  and both the Manhattan and WIlliamsburg Bridges. We also saw some of the oldest buildings in Lower Manhattan.

After our walk, we headed back up the West Side Highway and back to Heathcote.

Your Assignment:
Write a blog post and choose 3 new pieces of information that you learned from today’s trip. It should be related to the NYC Landmarks we visited or somewhere else that was pointed out to you on our tour.
Please include at least one picture from our google photos.




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