Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tonight’s Homework 2.13.18

Reading: Please Read Valentine’s Day Article on Google Classroom

Answer the following question in your Reader’s Notebook:

Which country’s way of celebrating Valentine’s Day sounds best to you? Why?

Independent Reading: 30 minutes/Log it!

Bring in your Valentines Tomorrow 

Due Friday: Readworks and Volpi Math Challenge #7


1/24/18 Tonight’s Homework:

Reading:Number the Stars: Answer the following questions in your Reading Notebook:

  1. What did Annemarie’s mom say about Ellen and her family getting on the boat?
  2. Why did Mrs. Johansen have to crawl home?
  3. What did Annemarie have to do prove that she is really brave in Chapter 13
     **Independent Reading or HF 35 minutes

Math: “What’s in F” word problem worksheet

Due Friday: Word Study Test, Volpi Math Challenge #4, Readworks

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Reading : 30 minutes independent or HF depending on your group schedule

Writing: Close Read of “Stray”– write an entry responding to the story using the prompts from the chart in your Write’s Notebook: “Questions Writers Ask of Texts,”

Due Tomorrow: Readworks and Volpi Math Challenge #3

Homework January 10, 2019


Reading: Scholastic News: MLK Article and Worksheet

Math: Textbook pg. 94 odd number problems: #13,15,17,19

Due Friday: Readworks, Word Study, Math Challenge #2

** Don’t forget you can participate in the wrapped gift exchange on Friday- bring in a wrapped Gently Used game that will be donated to our 4th grade wing game closet.

Happy New Year!


READWORKS (Reading Comprehension Work)

How to access weekly assignments:

1. Go to:  www.readworks.org/student

2. Students should sign in with their Google account.

3. Students enter class code U3VFJF

4. Assignments will have a due date. Please submit all assignments digitally!


Historical Fiction Book Clubs

Padlet Assignments

Instructions for Padlet:

Each assignments requires a padlet post answering that night’s homework questions. You may comment on another person’s post as well. *Remember to write your initials in the title line and also when you comment on another student’s post!!

Monday 1/8/18
What is the time period in history that your story takes place?

What are the feelings or mood of this period of time?

Tuesday 1/9/18

1.Reading/: 1.Continue HF book club schedule

2. Padlet: Respond to the following questions on your Padlet page:

What kind of person is your main character?

What is the theme that is developing in your story? 

3. Math: Workbook pages 89-90

4.Writing: Personal Essays: Finish your microstories for each of your supporting reasons..If not completed, please finish! We will work on introduction TOMORROW.

5. Word Study: Due tomorrow for your Word Study teacher

**Readworks and Volpi Math Challenge DUE FRIDAY