Wizard of oz epilouge

Aunt em and Uncle Henry were so happy when Dorothy arrived home. soon Dorothy missed the scarecrow and the Tinman so she put on the magic slippers and clapped them together and said “take me to oz!” when she returned she saw the Tinman, The lion and the scarecrow. Then the wicked witch of the west daughter came flying down with an army of winged monkeys. “We have fooled you” she said .”I am not the nice witch of the south but the wicked witch of the West’s daughter”. “winged monkeys ATTACK”. The Tinman swung his axe chopping off their heads. “I’m so sorry” he said. Then a winged monkey grabbed him by the head and pulled. His body fell to the ground. The lion leaped at them fearlessly. They scratched him across the chest. Then the scarecrow thought abuot what to do. The winged monkeys charged and knocked him down. He could not get up. Dorthy screamed as a winged monkey flew right at her. Suddenly she woke up. She was in her bed with aunt em sitting next to her.”Go back to sleep”she whispered and Dorothy did.

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