Capstone #4 – Interview (#1)

On May 16th I had my first interview. I was supposed to Skype the person I was going to interview, Philippe Kirschen, but apparently the Skype didn’t work for some reason. The time of the interview was supposed to be 2:45 pm and we couldn’t get the Skype to work, so we just called him and recorded his voice on the desktop. I was extremely nervous because this was my first interview in my life, so I just thought to myself, “I don’t want to make him think that i’m just wasting his time”, so I just went along with it and asked him 10 questions that were about the Hyperloop and his feelings and experiences with it. He said, “The Hyperloop is a really interesting concept made by Elon Musk.” He also said that he thought that the Hyperloop would become a reality later on in the future. I think that the most interesting thing he said was what he learned at MIT to help design and optimize engineering. It was a really interesting interview, and I really enjoyed talking to him and learning about his experiences that he had.



How I Chose My Capstone Topic

For Capstone, (a big project) I chose Hyperloop as my topic because it includes interesting information, engineering, and a road to the future. I first heard of the Hyperloop reading in a TFK article. The Hyperloop is a train that will levitate in a pipe, and it will go 800+ mph. The hyperloop is the transportation for the future. I am really passionate about technology, so that is why I chose the Hyperloop as my topic.

Capstone #3 – Site visit

For my site visit I went to the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn, NY. On the way to the Museum, we stopped at Grand Central and went into the train store there. At the store at Grand Central, we read about the history of the Metro North New York. After about 10 min at the store, we took the F subway and went to the street where the train museum was.

When we arrived at the train museum entrance, me and my dad were surprised that the museum was actually a subway station underground. We went inside and payed our admission fees for the museum. It was $5 for children and $10 for adults, so it was fairly cheap. After about 1 hour of exploring the underground museum and learning about history about the Metro North New York, we saw old tokens that were used instead of MTA cards as a payment. We also saw old fashioned ticket booths that used a long time ago in the 1900s. Then we wrapped up and left the museum.

Overall I had a great experience at the site visit and learning the history of trains.

Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Choosing Sub Questions”

For our Capstone project, we have to have an main inquiry question and  5 sub questions that back up the main inquiry question about  each of our topics. My main inquiry question and sub questions are this:

Main Inquiry Question: How will the Hyperloop change the world of transportation?

Sub questions:

  1. What are the pros/cons of the Hyperloop?
  2. When would the Hyperloop be ready to go on?
  3. How will the Hyperloop affect people’s lives?
  4. How is the company Hyperloop One going to create the Hyperloop train?
  5. How much would a trip on the Hyperloop from San Francisco and Los Angeles cost, and how long would it take?

These are my sub questions that I am going to have to research to get the answers. We each have to have at least 5 sub questions, and if you want, you could include more sub questions. I chose 5 questions because there really isn’t too much information about my topic because it is based on the future, and hadn’t been completely constructed yet.

How I Chose My Topic For Capstone

For Capstone, (a big project) I chose Hyperloop as my topic because it includes interesting information, engineering, and a road to the future. I first heard of the Hyperloop reading in a TFK article. The Hyperloop is a train that will levitate in a pipe, and it will go 800+ mph. The hyperloop is the transportation for the future. Hyperloop One is the company that will build the future train. This is why I chose Hyperloop as my capstone topic.

Poetry Unit

For our poetry unit, we wrote… Poems! For our first 1-2 weeks, we read books and got inspiration of other poems to write our own poems. We did this for a lot of days and we eventually got used to writing poems daily. Our poetry unit is still going, and it will keep on going ’till the end of April. A important poem that our class wrote was a “I am from” poem. For this poem, you have to state like different,”Where I’m from”s, like, “I am from trees”. My favorite poems were the ones that we wrote ourselves for our homework. I like these types of poems because you could write about whatever you want to write about! It doesn’t even need to rhyme! I enjoy the freedom of poetry.

Immigration Wevideo

Our class did an immigration about different countries. I chose Russia because it is a big place with lots of information to research about. On the first days when we started the project, we had to write the voiceover and the storyboard of whats going to happen in the movie/video. For our voiceover, we had to write sooooo many paragraphs about our “fake” trip to America. We had to write from where are hometown is, to where our new home in America is going to be. For our storyboard, we drew a strip of comic-like pictures to determine what will happen through out our story. The for our photo shoot, we took pictures of where we would take the photos of our story board. Some of the pictures required a green screen so we took a picture in front of a green wall, then we used this app called “Doink” to merge the picture we want to be in to the picture with the green screen. My favorite green screen pic is this:

Sphero Lesson 2.0 and 3.0

For our second and third class for spheros, we taught our “Students” how to make a circle getting bigger and a figure eight. We also added challenges like colors, sound and speed differences for them to do. After we finished all our challenges for them, we played sphero community games, like Pong, Fortune Teller,  Animal Toss, etc.  Our students had so much fun that they were bummed out when they had to leave. Overall I think that these classes have made a great amount of progress than when we first started teaching them.


Sphero Lesson #1

On March 8, my group (Mason, Rick, Me) and I taught Mrs. Boyer’s class and Mrs. Cooper’s class about Sphero. Each group had been assigned to teach a certain amount of students. My group had to teach Charlotte, Beatrice, and Sandy in Mrs. Cooper’s class, then we had to teach Nate, Jonah, and Lola. The lessons were really hard because people didn’t understand certain things. We had to start with the basics, like what the Sphero is, and what programming code does. In the middle of our lesson with Mrs. Cooper’s class, someone kept on hogging the Ipad and didn’t really let the other people get to code. For Mrs. Boyer’s class, it felt to us that someone was trying to teach us than trying being taught.  Overall I thought that it was a very fun experience to teach other kids in my grade.

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