My initial thoughts…

My computer teacher told me to write this “initial thoughts” post because it was very important. He also said it might be helpful for my college entry, and that the blue “Publish” button was very very important and how it could change the world. A lot of people are freaked out about this blog because it is probably very weird to do a “initial thoughts” post. I am not freaked out about this at all and am actually looking forward to these posts in the blog. I learned a lot about computers in a club called “Heathcote Herald”. That’s why I am looking forward to these posts and blogs. Computers are very important in my life because it contains lots of information that I could search up. I love writing on computers and piling my thoughts on these posts. We are doing a blog in my class. Computers are very interesting to me because here are lots of “buttons” that you can press. The internet is also very amazing to me because it contains a lot of information. I want to be a business man or start a company when I grow up. I would like to go to M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) when I grow up.




Publish Button
The “Publish” Button

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