Grouping the Characters in Pax (by Chap. 6)

We read to chapter 6 in the book Pax by Sara Pennypacker. We discovered lots of different characters in the story.

The people in the story are Peter, Peter’s Grandfather, Peter’s Father, and the man in the store.

The Foxes in the story so far are Pax, Bristle, and Runt.

My favorite character is Pax, because the story tells about the fox’s perspective about it’s life, and how the fox feels about Peter. I predict that sooner or later Peter will find Pax no matter what, because I think Peter and Pax have a big connection, they feel about each other, and they are best friends.

Grizzly Bear Post

I think that the grizzly bears should stay on the endangered list because there might not be enough bears to be released in the wild. There is still not that many bears in the wild so far. I think they should still be kept safe and so they can reproduce a lot more cubs to release into the wild. If the bears are taken off the list, it may be a little unsafe because you might want to reproduce more before you release the bears.