On November 22nd, we played with these robots called Spheros. These robots respond to commands from different strips of code. The Sphero is a robot that is a shaped like a sphere, can move pretty fast, and can change colors.

In the beginning, everyone was assigned a partner to do the Spheros with. I got assigned to Maxine, and we had a lot of trouble logging in the Sphero app, which was pretty bad. We used ipads to control and code the robot. Our whole class walked to the meeting room because that was the place where there was the most space to move and control your robot. We took some time getting used to the robot, and then Ms. Pavia told us a challenge. The challenge was if we could code our robot to roll along the green marble tiles on the floor. Maxine and I tried out different ways to code our Sphero to land on top of the end of the green line. Once we finished our first challenge, our next challenge was if we could make a whole square on the green marble tile floor. My group couldn’t complete the challenge, because we had to go home at that time.

Overall I thought that Spheros are really fun to code and use!

Philly Trip

On November 10, we went on a field trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The bad part about it was that we had to arrive at Heathcote at 5:30 a.m. On the bus ride there we watched a movie called UP. It was pretty interesting, when the old man makes the house float up into the air with lots of balloons. The trip to get to Philadelphia took about 3 hours, because it was pretty far. When we arrived we were split up into groups for the tour. Each class was a group. I enjoyed learning about all the facts about what happened around the Revolutionary War. My favorite part about the trip was the bus ride. The movies were extremely funny at some points. The bus ride back to Heathcote we watched another movie called Zootopia. That was one of my favorite movies, and still is, because it is very funny.

The 2016 Election

Overall I think that it is okay that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. He is more of a steady and stable person, rather then Hillary Clinton, who jumps ahead and behind. Trump will make lots of changes like build a wall at the border of Mexico, less tax on the wealthy (The only thing that I don’t agree on), and he also wants to remove Obama’s health care law. I hope that he will stick with his promises and try to make “America Great Again”. I wonder why Trump would want to put less tax on the wealthy because it might not help the economy. I thought that Hillary would win the election because her debates and speeches were good.