Capstone #2 – Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Choosing Sub Questions”

For our Capstone project, we have to have an main inquiry question and  5 sub questions that back up the main inquiry question about  each of our topics. My main inquiry question and sub questions are this:

Main Inquiry Question: How will the Hyperloop change the world of transportation?

Sub questions:

  1. What are the pros/cons of the Hyperloop?
  2. When would the Hyperloop be ready to go on?
  3. How will the Hyperloop affect people’s lives?
  4. How is the company Hyperloop One going to create the Hyperloop train?
  5. How much would a trip on the Hyperloop from San Francisco and Los Angeles cost, and how long would it take?

These are my sub questions that I am going to have to research to get the answers. We each have to have at least 5 sub questions, and if you want, you could include more sub questions. I chose 5 questions because there really isn’t too much information about my topic because it is based on the future, and hadn’t been completely constructed yet.

7 thoughts on “Capstone #2 – Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Choosing Sub Questions””

  1. I really like your blog post especially because you gave us an explanation for both all of your sub questions and main inquiry question.

  2. I liked your post. I thought that you formatted your blog post very well. I also liked your inquiry and sub-questions.

  3. I think answering these sub questions will definitely help you answer your main inquiry question.

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