Capstone #3 – Site visit

For my site visit I went to the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn, NY. On the way to the Museum, we stopped at Grand Central and went into the train store there. At the store at Grand Central, we read about the history of the Metro North New York. After about 10 min at the store, we took the F subway and went to the street where the train museum was.

When we arrived at the train museum entrance, me and my dad were surprised that the museum was actually a subway station underground. We went inside and payed our admission fees for the museum. It was $5 for children and $10 for adults, so it was fairly cheap. After about 1 hour of exploring the underground museum and learning about history about the Metro North New York, we saw old tokens that were used instead of MTA cards as a payment. We also saw old fashioned ticket booths that used a long time ago in the 1900s. Then we wrapped up and left the museum.

Overall I had a great experience at the site visit and learning the history of trains.

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  1. Sounds like your site visit was lots of fun. What were some of the more interesting things you saw? What did you learn? How do you think you could use what you saw toward your Hyperloop project?

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