Capstone #4(a) – Interview

On May 16th I had my first interview. I was supposed to Skype the person I was going to interview, Philippe Kirschen, but apparently the Skype didn’t work for some reason. The time of the interview was supposed to be 2:45 pm and we couldn’t get the Skype to work, so we just called him and recorded his voice on the desktop. I was extremely nervous because this was my first interview in my life, so I just thought to myself, “I don’t want to make him think that i’m just wasting his time”, so I just went along with it and asked him 10 questions that were about the Hyperloop and his feelings and experiences with it. He said, “The Hyperloop is a really interesting concept made by Elon Musk.” He also said that he thought that the Hyperloop would become a reality later on in the future, and I’ve been researching at thinking about it. I think that the most interesting thing he said was what he learned at MIT to help design and optimize engineering. He said something about geometrical design, and Mrs. Edwards “gestured” to ask what it was to him. It was a really interesting interview, and I really enjoyed talking to him and learning about his experiences that he had.


4 thoughts on “Capstone #4(a) – Interview”

  1. I like how you said that you were nervous and that it went well in the end and also you included some of the things that he said.

  2. I like that you told us what you thought during the interview, and that you told us when you had your interview. I think that you should put your questions in your post.

  3. I really enjoyed being in the room during your interview. Philippe was so nice to take the time to answer your questions. I like how you included what you found the most interesting. Why did this interest you, exactly? I think your post would benefit from you including his title and connection to the Hyperloop project. Also, I agree with Bryan that you should include your interview questions and, while you’re at it, a link to hear his answers.

    1. I can’t add my interview questions because I changed them for my second interview, because John Mayo doesn’t work for Hyperloop One.

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