Capstone #1 – Choosing a topic

For Capstone, I chose Hyperloop as my topic because it includes interesting information, engineering, and a road to the future. I first heard of the Hyperloop reading in a TFK article. The Hyperloop is a train that will levitate in a pipe, and it will go 800+ mph. The hyperloop is the transportation for the future, according to Elon Musk, the famous Engineer/Inventor I am really passionate about technology, so that is why I chose the Hyperloop as my topic.

3 thoughts on “Capstone #1 – Choosing a topic”

  1. I like how you explained how you chose your topic because you like technology. Maybe you should explain the process.

  2. I find your topic very interesting, too. I love learning about new tech and getting a glimpse of how it might affect lives in the future. I agree that the type of travel offered by Hyperloop will become available across the globe one day. I’m looking forward to your Capstone project!

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