Caspstone #6 – Working on my Final Project

For capstone, after we finished all of our research, we had to work on our final projects. I chose a slideshow recorded with QuickTime Player, and everyone got to chose what format they wanted their capstone about.¬† It was really fun because we got to control most of what we were going to do our capstone by ourselves. I chose to do a movie, because I would be able to fit as much information as I can, while not being pressured about the time limits. We each had to research a LOT about our topic, and it was sometimes annoying when you couldn’t find any information on the web. It is also frustrating sometimes to write these blog posts because sometimes I’m at a loss of mind and I can’t think of anything to write about.

Since I’m doing my capstone in a movie, I made a presentation and recorded it with QuickTime first. Then I went to WeVideo and¬†tweaked it a little, so it sounded a little better. Mainly if you are doing a movie slideshow you use Screencastify, but I thought that Screencastify was really bad quality, so I used QuickTime player instead.

Later on when we were ready, we presented to each other. It was really cool because we got to comment and help each other do better. Sometimes it was challenging, and sometimes it was fun. It was challenging because sometimes when I did my research, I couldn’t fine the information I was seeking for. It was also fun when I was making my presentation, and when I was looking for pictures. I really enjoyed making my capstone presentation.

Here is my final project:

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