Captstone #7 – Capstone Share

For Capstone we had to share with the students and the parents. Every 5th grader shared for the students on June 19th, and shared with the parents on June 20th. It was a very fun and great experience for me because we each got to listen to each other’s capstone presentations. I was doing a digital presentation, and I was assigned in the 5th grade wing.

After the moving up ceremony, people started to move towards the auditorium entrance to look at the digital presentations there. Then after that, they started heading for the 5th Grade wing to look at all the presentations outside, and inside of the classrooms. Lots of people came to watch my presentation about the Hyperloop, and I sometimes had to explain a little bit more. After about 20-30 min of explaining and waiting at my table, I finally moved on to the auditorium to watch other people do their TED talks and Ignites, if there were any. It was really interesting because I got to learn about different topics that other kids researched on.

Then came the refreshments at the gym. There was a big Rice Krispies in a “H” shape, which I assumed was homemade. I ate some of it, and it was finished off pretty quickly. I left for lunch shortly afterwards, and I thought that the Capstone Share was extremely fun and interesting day for me.

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