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The 2016 Election

Overall I think that it is okay that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. He is more of a steady and stable person, rather then Hillary Clinton, who jumps ahead and behind. Trump will make lots of changes like build a wall at the border of Mexico, less tax on the wealthy (The only thing that I don’t agree on), and he also wants to remove Obama’s health care law. I hope that he will stick with his promises and try to make “America Great Again”. I wonder why Trump would want to put less tax on the wealthy because it might not help the economy. I thought that Hillary would win the election because her debates and speeches were good.

Grouping the Characters in Pax (by Chap. 6)

We read to chapter 6 in the book Pax by Sara Pennypacker. We discovered lots of different characters in the story.

The people in the story are Peter, Peter’s Grandfather, Peter’s Father, and the man in the store.

The Foxes in the story so far are Pax, Bristle, and Runt.

My favorite character is Pax, because the story tells about the fox’s perspective about it’s life, and how the fox feels about Peter. I predict that sooner or later Peter will find Pax no matter what, because I think Peter and Pax have a big connection, they feel about each other, and they are best friends.

Grizzly Bear Post

I think that the grizzly bears should stay on the endangered list because there might not be enough bears to be released in the wild. There is still not that many bears in the wild so far. I think they should still be kept safe and so they can reproduce a lot more cubs to release into the wild. If the bears are taken off the list, it may be a little unsafe because you might want to reproduce more before you release the bears.

My First Free Write

My topic is about MY future/dream-

          In MY future i’m a really rich person with a time machine. I live in a mansion and I have a Lamborghini Veneno (MY dream car). I have a company that sells erasers, and it is called the ERASER INSTITUTE. It is the biggest and most successful company in the world.
My dream car
My dream car

Reflecting on 4th grade

My favorite subject in Math is decimals because we get to learn numbers between other numbers. The class also learned how to add and subtract decimals too. We learned that you could convert decimals to fractions, and fractions to decimals.

Writing was very fun because we got to write and create scripts on our chrome books. We had to work as a group in the Revolutionary War. We wrote lots of parts for my group.

In Reading my favorite thing was the social issues book clubs. My group (Ronald, Bora, Taj, Grant, and me) was reading a book called “Shiloh”. It was a fascinating book about a kid and a dog. I couldn’t wait for the next part of the story!

Social Studies was interesting because we learned a lot about the history of the world. My favorite subject in social studies was the Revolutionary War. We researched a lot about colonial history in the 1600s, and we also got to do a toy theater too! We have to rehearse our scripts and make characters. The research was very fun.

My favorite subject in Science was creating runoffs from slopes. We created slopes from dirt and also planted grass in the slopes. The grass grew very tall and learning about runoffs and animals is really interesting.

My favorite thing in Music was the opera duet because we got to create our own opera and record it on garage band. There were lots of sound effects that you could add on to your opera. My partner was Alex, and we did our topic on Xbox and Wii.

The best song that I thought in Chorus was singing this song called,”Everyday People”. It’s about segregation and how people don’t get along together. It is a very fun song to sing because there are two parts, the melody and the harmony.

P.E. is very hard because we need to do lots of exercises like push-ups. My favorite thing in P.E. was doing this game called “Battle Ship”. It’s about 4 teams and you throw balls at the bowling pins lined up. P.E. is very fun!

Art is very creative because we got to create lots of things. My favorite thing in Art was creating with clay. We made figures and monsters out of clay. That part was awesome!

In Spanish we learn lots of words and numbers. My favorite subject in Spanish is creating creencasts and working with my friends. We have to add the screencast to our site and share it to our Spanish teacher, Senor Johnson.

In Instruments I learn lots of things when I play the violin. The teacher, Dr. Schultz, teaches me positions to hold my violin. I play lots of challenging pieces of music. My favorite song is “Watermelon Man”.

I accomplished my goals for 4th grade. I read challenging books, behaved, made more friends, and to do all of my homework. I accomplished my goals by listening to the teacher, reading books, and focusing to the instructions that Mrs. Rickard gave. My goals for 5th grade is to work on my flexibility in P.E., and to do very very challenging math.


Land And Water

In our Land and Water science unit I learned that water erodes land, and that glaciers erode land too. I think me and my partners are working okay, but we could do better by not arguing about the equipment. I feel confident and happy working with the stream table materials because science is very fun. My feelings are changing a lot from bored to interested. I enjoyed pouring water into the cup and watching the stream form. It was fun and relaxing to look at. There was drawing the stream on the plastic wrapper, and that was very hard because it was hard to be neat. I think I did pretty good on my observations and my record sheets , but I need to work on drawings. I think our stream on our hill is very well made because it is flat and looks like a ramp or hill. I think I could improve on my handwriting or my illustrations because it is not too neat. I feel relaxed, successful and confident now because I understand the unit.
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My Passion

My passion is chewing gum and then blowing lots of big bubbles and popping them. I usually like to chew gum with packs of 3-5, that way I could blow lots of big, giant, ENORMOUS bubbles. My bubbles usually blows up on my nose so I always have to wash it. My favorite gum flavor is Sour Patch Watermelon. I always use my money on buying gum and other goodies like candy. Whenever i’m bored I always eat gum. Chewing gum while studying for a test is helpful because when it is time for the test, you chew the same gum flavor and you will almost completely memorize your answers when studying. Chewing gum makes me concentrate on the thing that I am doing.

My favorite type of gum
My favorite type of gum

My initial thoughts…

My computer teacher told me to write this “initial thoughts” post because it was very important. He also said it might be helpful for my college entry, and that the blue “Publish” button was very very important and how it could change the world. A lot of people are freaked out about this blog because it is probably very weird to do a “initial thoughts” post. I am not freaked out about this at all and am actually looking forward to these posts in the blog. I learned a lot about computers in a club called “Heathcote Herald”. That’s why I am looking forward to these posts and blogs. Computers are very important in my life because it contains lots of information that I could search up. I love writing on computers and piling my thoughts on these posts. We are doing a blog in my class. Computers are very interesting to me because here are lots of “buttons” that you can press. The internet is also very amazing to me because it contains a lot of information. I want to be a business man or start a company when I grow up. I would like to go to M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) when I grow up.




Publish Button
The “Publish” Button