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Captstone #7 – Capstone Share

For Capstone we had to share with the students and the parents. Every 5th grader shared for the students on June 19th, and shared with the parents on June 20th. It was a very fun and great experience for me because we each got to listen to each other’s capstone presentations. I was doing a digital presentation, and I was assigned in the 5th grade wing.

After the moving up ceremony, people started to move towards the auditorium entrance to look at the digital presentations there. Then after that, they started heading for the 5th Grade wing to look at all the presentations outside, and inside of the classrooms. Lots of people came to watch my presentation about the Hyperloop, and I sometimes had to explain a little bit more. After about 20-30 min of explaining and waiting at my table, I finally moved on to the auditorium to watch other people do their TED talks and Ignites, if there were any. It was really interesting because I got to learn about different topics that other kids researched on.

Then came the refreshments at the gym. There was a big Rice Krispies in a “H” shape, which I assumed was homemade. I ate some of it, and it was finished off pretty quickly. I left for lunch shortly afterwards, and I thought that the Capstone Share was extremely fun and interesting day for me.

Caspstone #6 – Working on my Final Project

For capstone, after we finished all of our research, we had to work on our final projects. I chose a slideshow recorded with QuickTime Player, and everyone got to chose what format they wanted their capstone about.  It was really fun because we got to control most of what we were going to do our capstone by ourselves. I chose to do a movie, because I would be able to fit as much information as I can, while not being pressured about the time limits. We each had to research a LOT about our topic, and it was sometimes annoying when you couldn’t find any information on the web. It is also frustrating sometimes to write these blog posts because sometimes I’m at a loss of mind and I can’t think of anything to write about.

Since I’m doing my capstone in a movie, I made a presentation and recorded it with QuickTime first. Then I went to WeVideo and tweaked it a little, so it sounded a little better. Mainly if you are doing a movie slideshow you use Screencastify, but I thought that Screencastify was really bad quality, so I used QuickTime player instead.

Later on when we were ready, we presented to each other. It was really cool because we got to comment and help each other do better. Sometimes it was challenging, and sometimes it was fun. It was challenging because sometimes when I did my research, I couldn’t fine the information I was seeking for. It was also fun when I was making my presentation, and when I was looking for pictures. I really enjoyed making my capstone presentation.

Here is my final project:

Capstone #5 – Answering my Main Inquiry Question

For Capstone, I had to write an essay about my Main Inquiry Question, and about how my Sub Questions support it. My essay is about the Hyperloop and how it will change the world’s transportation, because the Hyperloop will travel almost the speed of sound.  It was really challenging because we had to write a lot, and explain in detail about our sub-questions. I thought the most hard part about answering my main inquiry question was fitting and organizing all the information that I researched into a document. This is my essay including my main inquiry question, and I hope you enjoy it:


How will the Hyperloop change the world of transportation and affect people’s lives?

The Hyperloop is transportation, and transportation saves time.

The Hyperloop is a pod-like vehicle that travels up to 700 mph, almost as fast as the speed of sound. According to my research, the Hyperloop will change the world of transportation and improve people’s lives because the Hyperloop will allow them to travel faster and for less money.

Background Information About the Hyperloop

Elon Musk is a famous engineer that invented the Hyperloop, and trusts that it will become a reality. There are three main companies working to make the Hyperloop become a reality; Hyperloop One (Hyperloop Technologies), Hyperloop transportation Technologies (HTT), and TransPod. Since the Hyperloop is based in California right now, the companies are working to build a route from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Building this route will cost about $6 billion to $7.5 billion, way cheaper than expected. This way of transportation will help thousands and millions of people in the world, when the Hyperloop becomes continental.

How is it Being Built?

How are the companies going to create the Hyperloop and its tubes? The companies are going to use a new material called c2i, that is 5x lighter than aluminum, and 10x stronger than steel. This new material was made in Slovakia recently, and is extremely strong and also extremely efficient to use. Lots of teams from different places are working hard together to construct the tubes for the test run. “The Hyperloop will hopefully be ready by 2020”, says Philippe Kirschen, the Optimization Engineer at Hyperloop One, who I interviewed.

Traveling Fast

“The Hyperloop will travel up to speeds of 700 mph”, says famous engineer, Elon Musk. It will be eco-friendly and might travel underwater, even. The vehicle will be propelled through a reduced-pressure tube, which will hopefully make the Hyperloop levitate. The tubes will create no friction, so it will glide gently with no turbulence throughout the tubes at unbelievable speeds, almost at the speed of sound, which is 767.269 mph. That is extremely fast compared to cars and other vehicles.

Saving Money And Time When Travelling

The Hyperloop will affect lot of people’s lives by helping them get to places by almost the speed of sound. It will also affect people’s lives by shipping heavy cargo, instead of by boat, airplanes, trains, and other transportation vehicles, because the Hyperloop will be way more efficient and faster. It will be extremely useful if you are late, say, to an important meeting, and all you need to do is hop onto a Hyperloop, and arrive at your destination in minutes. This will be very effective towards people’s lives because a ticket for a trip on the Hyperloop will only cost around $20, so lots of people can afford to travel on it.

Are There any Disadvantages of the Hyperloop?

Sealed tubes can be hard to get out of. If a pod does fail and gets stuck for some reason, it may be hard to escape. This is an issue that a lot of people have been thinking about, and I think the companies building the Hyperloop should make an emergency exit in the tubes and in the Hyperloop.

Con: Sealed tubes can be hard to get out of. If a pod does fail and gets stuck for some reason, it may be hard to escape. This is an issue that a lot of people have been thinking about, and I think the companies building the Hyperloop should make an emergency exit in the tubes and in the Hyperloop.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Hyperloop will change the world of transportation in various reasons. It will save lots of time because of the speed, be extremely cheap, and saves a lot of time. I think that the Hyperloop will actually become a reality and become a worldwide transportation vehicle, based on the research I did. It will affect the world and people’s lives with a big impact.


Going to Pollo a la Brasa Misti Restaurant

On May 31st, the whole entire 5th grade went on a field trip to a restaurant in Portchester. We left at around 10:15 and arrived at around 10:35. When we got there, we were assigned different tables. I was assigned my regular table at school, with Ryan and Rick, so I was satisfied with the assignments. We each received a sheet of paper and we had to ask each other 4 questions, like what was their name, and what their favorite food was. My favorite food we had was Lomo Saltado because it was lamb and other things and rice with French fries, which were delicious! The next serving was Chicha Morada. Chicha Morada is a type of juice made out of pineapple, cinnamon, blue corn, etc.  I thought that the drink was good, but the other people in my table thought that the cinnamon aftertaste was too strong. I had to agree that the cinnamon was strong, but the drink itself is extremely refreshing. After the Chicha Morada, we had Pollo Saltado, which is chicken and lots of other things with rice. Pollo Saltado is basically Lomo Saltado, but with chicken instead of lamb. Pescado was after this. This fish was really good because of the sauce on top of  it and because it was friend with no bones. After the last dish, we had to wait for the others to finish, then we rode the bus back to school. It was a extremely fun experience and I really enjoyed the trip.

Capstone #4(b) – Interview

After my first interview, I was laying it off and relaxing because I didn’t have another person to interview. When Mrs. Edwards announced to me that she found another person to interview, I was shocked and excited at the same time that I could interview someone else and learn from different perspectives. I immediately started to prepare my interview questions that I would ask the new person I was going to interview, called John Mayo. He doesn’t work for Hyperloop One, so I had to change my questions a bit because some questions wouldn’t fit and would sound weird to him. He also said to use Hangouts because then we could video call each other, and talk to each other face to face.

On the day of the interview, May 22nd, 1:00 pm, I was ready for this interview. I took out my writer’s notebook to take notes at the same time when Mrs. Edwards got Hangouts ready, and then the interview started. I actually learned more than I expected, because he spoke about a lot of details that helped me learn about his experiences a lot. The 10 questions I asked John were:

  • What got you involved in the Hyperloop?
  • What are your responsibilities for the MIT Hyperloop?
  • Do you think the Hyperloop become successful, and become a common way of transportation in the future?
  • What is your favorite part of working with a team?`
  • Which part of the pod are you working on?
  • What did you learn in MIT that helps you most in designing Hyperloop pods?
  • How fast did your pod at the competition go?
  • What was the most memorable part of competing in the Hyperloop pod competition?
  • What set your team’s pod apart from the rest of the competition?
  • Do you think the Hyperloop will have a big impact on the future?

Go to this link to see my interview:

Capstone #4(a) – Interview

On May 16th I had my first interview. I was supposed to Skype the person I was going to interview, Philippe Kirschen, but apparently the Skype didn’t work for some reason. The time of the interview was supposed to be 2:45 pm and we couldn’t get the Skype to work, so we just called him and recorded his voice on the desktop. I was extremely nervous because this was my first interview in my life, so I just thought to myself, “I don’t want to make him think that i’m just wasting his time”, so I just went along with it and asked him 10 questions that were about the Hyperloop and his feelings and experiences with it. He said, “The Hyperloop is a really interesting concept made by Elon Musk.” He also said that he thought that the Hyperloop would become a reality later on in the future, and I’ve been researching at thinking about it. I think that the most interesting thing he said was what he learned at MIT to help design and optimize engineering. He said something about geometrical design, and Mrs. Edwards “gestured” to ask what it was to him. It was a really interesting interview, and I really enjoyed talking to him and learning about his experiences that he had.


Capstone #1 – Choosing a topic

For Capstone, I chose Hyperloop as my topic because it includes interesting information, engineering, and a road to the future. I first heard of the Hyperloop reading in a TFK article. The Hyperloop is a train that will levitate in a pipe, and it will go 800+ mph. The hyperloop is the transportation for the future, according to Elon Musk, the famous Engineer/Inventor I am really passionate about technology, so that is why I chose the Hyperloop as my topic.

Capstone #3 – Site visit

For my site visit I went to the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn, NY. On the way to the Museum, we stopped at Grand Central and went into the train store there. At the store at Grand Central, we read about the history of the Metro North New York. After about 10 min at the store, we took the F subway and went to the street where the train museum was.

When we arrived at the train museum entrance, me and my dad were surprised that the museum was actually a subway station underground. We went inside and payed our admission fees for the museum. It was $5 for children and $10 for adults, so it was fairly cheap. After about 1 hour of exploring the underground museum and learning about history about the Metro North New York, we saw old tokens that were used instead of MTA cards as a payment. We also saw old fashioned ticket booths that used a long time ago in the 1900s. Then we wrapped up and left the museum.

Overall I had a great experience at the site visit and learning the history of trains.

Capstone #2 – Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Choosing Sub Questions”

For our Capstone project, we have to have an main inquiry question and  5 sub questions that back up the main inquiry question about  each of our topics. My main inquiry question and sub questions are this:

Main Inquiry Question: How will the Hyperloop change the world of transportation?

Sub questions:

  1. What are the pros/cons of the Hyperloop?
  2. When would the Hyperloop be ready to go on?
  3. How will the Hyperloop affect people’s lives?
  4. How is the company Hyperloop One going to create the Hyperloop train?
  5. How much would a trip on the Hyperloop from San Francisco and Los Angeles cost, and how long would it take?

These are my sub questions that I am going to have to research to get the answers. We each have to have at least 5 sub questions, and if you want, you could include more sub questions. I chose 5 questions because there really isn’t too much information about my topic because it is based on the future, and hadn’t been completely constructed yet.