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Going to Pollo a la Brasa Misti Restaurant

On May 31st, the whole entire 5th grade went on a field trip to a restaurant in Portchester. We left at around 10:15 and arrived at around 10:35. When we got there, we were assigned different tables. I was assigned my regular table at school, with Ryan and Rick, so I was satisfied with the assignments. We each received a sheet of paper and we had to ask each other 4 questions, like what was their name, and what their favorite food was. My favorite food we had was Lomo Saltado because it was lamb and other things and rice with French fries, which were delicious! The next serving was Chicha Morada. Chicha Morada is a type of juice made out of pineapple, cinnamon, blue corn, etc.  I thought that the drink was good, but the other people in my table thought that the cinnamon aftertaste was too strong. I had to agree that the cinnamon was strong, but the drink itself is extremely refreshing. After the Chicha Morada, we had Pollo Saltado, which is chicken and lots of other things with rice. Pollo Saltado is basically Lomo Saltado, but with chicken instead of lamb. Pescado was after this. This fish was really good because of the sauce on top of  it and because it was friend with no bones. After the last dish, we had to wait for the others to finish, then we rode the bus back to school. It was a extremely fun experience and I really enjoyed the trip.