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Sphero Lesson 2.0 and 3.0

For our second and third class for spheros, we taught our “Students” how to make a circle getting bigger and a figure eight. We also added challenges like colors, sound and speed differences for them to do. After we finished all our challenges for them, we played sphero community games, like Pong, Fortune Teller,  Animal Toss, etc.  Our students had so much fun that they were bummed out when they had to leave. Overall I think that these classes have made a great amount of progress than when we first started teaching them.


Sphero Lesson #1

On March 8, my group (Mason, Rick, Me) and I taught Mrs. Boyer’s class and Mrs. Cooper’s class about Sphero. Each group had been assigned to teach a certain amount of students. My group had to teach Charlotte, Beatrice, and Sandy in Mrs. Cooper’s class, then we had to teach Nate, Jonah, and Lola. The lessons were really hard because people didn’t understand certain things. We had to start with the basics, like what the Sphero is, and what programming code does. In the middle of our lesson with Mrs. Cooper’s class, someone kept on hogging the Ipad and didn’t really let the other people get to code. For Mrs. Boyer’s class, it felt to us that someone was trying to teach us than trying being taught.  Overall I thought that it was a very fun experience to teach other kids in my grade.

MLK, jr. Speech

For Martin Luther King, jr.’s speech, I thought that his speech has been realized because King’s speech played an important role for ending segregation and gaining rights for the black people. If King didn’t make the speech, people might have ignored him if he wasn’t doing the, “Nation’s most historical moment”. King was talking about how the black people still didn’t have freedom, and how they will gain freedom by protesting and boycotting.

I thought that the most important part of Martin Luther King, jr.’s speech was when he said, “I have a dream, that one day little black boys and little black girls can join hands with little white boys and little white girls, I have a dream!” I thought that this was the most important part because it represents how segregation can be “cured”.

I think that Martin’s speech changed the world by “Using love against hate, not using hate against hate”. His speech probably changed lots of people’s mind about segregation. I think that the speech has been realized because lots of people heard about it, and agreed about his speech.

Cursive in Schools

I think cursive should still be taught in school because it is a fun way of writing that is different from regular writing. It is also more efficient than printed handwriting because it might be easier to use and more fun. Once you know how to read and write cursive, it can be really cool to read different documents written a long time ago. Cursive is also an important skill to learn.

NF Article

Each person in our class made feature articles about a certain topic that they liked. My favorite part of the feature article was inserting pictures because it was fun looking for them. This writing project took lots of time to make because we had to write a lot about our topic, and it was also hard to think about our topic.  We also had to write our real article on Pages because it will look more like an article, then on Google Docs. I think that writing this feature article was really fun.

This is my feature article below:



For the TFK Article that we read, I learned that cloning can develop issues with the organs of the animal that is being cloned and that cloning needs well preserved DNA. I think that cloning is really cool but can sometimes be dangerous if something goes wrong. Cloning is awesome because if you lose a pet, you can clone the pet that you had before by getting the DNA of it so you can get the “Same Pet” that you had before. The thing about cloning is that it costs lots of thousands of dollars and may go wrong. Overall I think that the scientists that created cloning were really smart and that cloning is very cool and weird.

Reflection on Rocketry Unit

I think that Rocketry is the most fun subject in school because we get to build, create, and present. My team was called “The Flying Rockettes”.I liked the building part of Rocketry the most because we get to each contribute on different parts of the rocket, like what design it should be, or like what color the rocket should be. I also like rocketry because we got to go outside and actually see how a rocket launched and how high it could go. Our group had a few arguments and disagreements like what color the rocket should be, or what type of pipe we should use as our next rocket.

When we were presenting, I was nervous at first and then I just went on with the presentation because then the audience would know I was having a hard time presenting to them. The presentation took lots of time to prepare because we had to write a lot and practice memorizing the slides that we were giving.

Rocketry flew by very quickly because we were all having lots of fun and all taking part of each rocket. Everyone worked very well together because we usually agreed to new ideas that our group shared. If someone asked me if I would like to do rocketry again, I would definitely say,”YES.”

Oil Pipeline

For the Oil Pipeline, people are protesting that it shouldn’t be built. I think that there are some pros and cons like how it transfers oil way safer and farther than other pipelines (pro), and how it pollutes the air, land, and sea (con). Native Americans from all over the world came together to protest against the pipelines and 30 were arrested, 2 years ago. The Native Americans said that it would ruin their natural ancient sites. Farmers in Iowa also didn’t like the idea of a GIGANTIC oil pipeline, that would run through their farms, and damage their soil. Overall I think that they shouldn’t build the pipeline because it would make everyone unhappy and damage and pollute the environment. +There will be more protests probably.