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Land And Water

In our Land and Water science unit I learned that water erodes land, and that glaciers erode land too. I think me and my partners are working okay, but we could do better by not arguing about the equipment. I feel confident and happy working with the stream table materials because science is very fun. My feelings are changing a lot from bored to interested. I enjoyed pouring water into the cup and watching the stream form. It was fun and relaxing to look at. There was drawing the stream on the plastic wrapper, and that was very hard because it was hard to be neat. I think I did pretty good on my observations and my record sheets , but I need to work on drawings. I think our stream on our hill is very well made because it is flat and looks like a ramp or hill. I think I could improve on my handwriting or my illustrations because it is not too neat. I feel relaxed, successful and confident now because I understand the unit.
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