How its made

Today, I watched How its made-Skateboard Wheels. Polyurethane wheels were really good because the shock-absorption was improved, and it was a lot more durable. When they formed the mold of the skateboard wheel, they used moldability. Also, after they baked the wheels, they had to make sure that it was strong enough. Along with that, when they used the shape cutter, they deformed the shape and that was malleability.


This week learned about adhesives.We learned about two types of glue, mechanical, and chemical. We also learned about two types of bonds. The first type of bond has one thing sticking to another thing, while the other type of bond is having both things stick to each other.

The different types of woods

In Technology class today, we learned about the different types of wood, which are softwood, hardwood, and engineering wood. Softwood and hardwood do not get their name from the “softness: of the wood, but instead from their uses. Softwood is wood that comes from trees that have pine cones like Spruce, Pine, fur, etc, and is used for outdoor decking, or outside material because it is good to resist water. Hardwood is wood that comes from trees like mahogany, ash, birch, etc, and is used for indoor furniture and flooring because of its beautiful grain. Engineering wood is wood that is made from wood shavings, debris, or glued thin planks that is man-made. It can be made from both softwood and harwood.


In class this week, we used a website called TinkerCad. This website was used to help build our design of our wood project. All of our original designs were in 2d, so this website helped us plan the project in 3d. It has a lot of cool features like grouping objects, and using perfect squares and cylinders to make a perfect design. Plus, you can have units, so you can have very to scale drawings.

Planning our wood design

In Technology, we started planning our design for our project with wood. The project was to build a simple wooden contraption, like a bird feeder, a table, or as simple as a box. I decided to make a table, because it is very useful, and I thought that nobody else would do it. I drew out my sketch on graph paper with my exact dimensions, but I have a feeling that I will change them later. We also looked at how we would connect our wood, by looking at wood joineries. I decided to do a rabbit joint and a butt joint. I will make a four sided square with wood by using the rabbit joint, and then cut out the middle part of each wood to make small table legs. Then, I will used the extra wood to create a two layer tabletop. It will have to be two layers so that I can hold heavier things like mugs, phones, and others.

7th grade Wood

In Technology this year, we learned about wood. We learned that the amount circles on a tree can tell how much nutrition the tree is getting and how old the tree is by counting the number of circles. We also learned about the grain of a tree. By cutting a tree along the grain of the tree, we can make lumber. There are different types of lumber, coming from different types of trees. To cut lumber, we used two types of knives. The first type of knife is the Exacto knife, which. is good at cutting along the grain on the lumber. The other type of knife is the small saw, which is good at cutting against the grain.

Logging Blog Post

When I watched the videos on logging, I saw many interesting things. First, the redwood video was in black and white since it was made in an earlier time period, while the other videos were more modern. I also noticed that the redwood video required a lot more man power, rather than machine, making it a more traditional way of doing it, but a less efficient way of doing it. In the other videos, there was a lot more machine, making it a lot more efficient way of cutting down trees. I found it interesting that the Redwood trees were as old as the dinosaurs, and that they could withstand a lot of natural causes, allowing them to live up to 4000 years old.

Elements (Post #5)

Elements are so cool! They are the base of all matter, and literally are atoms. I find it especially cool that everything that you touch isn’t just made up of one element, it’s many elements combined. I watched the periodic table song, and it’s very catchy. I remember my sister five years ago used to have to memorize the song, so she sang it all the time, and ever since then it was stuck in my head for a very long time. Having it reinforced brings back many memories. The most fascinating thing in my opinion though is that even with so many objects made out of different materials in this world, there are only 118 elements that make up these materials. The coolest though is that if you change one little proton of an atom, it turns into a totally different element. Pretty cool!

Atoms (Post #4)

The idea of atoms is amazing! I find it interesting that atoms make up the whole universe, and that there are many types of atoms. The most shocking idea is that technically everything is almost nothing, because in between the nucleus and the electrons of atoms, there is absolutely nothing. Even our human bodies are made up of just atoms. I also learned that atoms are so incredibly small, so small that the naked eye, or a normal magnifying glass can’t even see them. You would need to get an electron microscope to see it, which magnifies things over 500,000 times, to see little details of an atom. Imagine so many closely packed tiny atoms in the huge universe. There must be trillions of them in the universe! Though the class couldn’t get together in person to talk about Atoms, just watching the videos about it was already cool enough.

How did I use energy this weekend?

I used a lot of energy this weekend. For example, I used the oven’s thermal energy to make some delicious fudgy brownies. This is thermal energy because the brownie’s molecules are vibrating faster due to the oven’s rise in temperature. I also used gravitational energy because as I was playing basketball on my house’s hill, every time I shot the basketball into the hoop, the ball bounced on the floor and started rolling down the hill, which is now motion energy. This is gravitational and motion energy because the ball hit the floor due to gravity, and then starting using that stored energy to roll down the hill, which is now motion energy. Finally, I used elastic energy by pulling a rubber band back and then letting it fly. This is elastic energy because I pulled the rubber band back, creating stored energy when it had a strain on it, and then letting it fly.

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