Intro to Tech (Post #1)

Three days ago was my first day of technology. One of my teachers from my elementary school is now my technology teacher, and his name is Mr. Calvert. Mr.Calvert talked about the rules of technology, and most of the rules were related to safety. I thought that the rules were fair, like not being able to touch dangerous tools without permission, and not running around in the classroom. I learned that the glue guns can heat to 300 degrees, and that the power sander is the most dangerous tool in the room, because it would just shred your skin off. At first, I thought that wasn’t going to be able to get through technology without having an injury, but then I felt more comfortable when he told our class that it was perfectly possible to get through tech without an injury. Now, Mr.Calvert is teaching us how to blog, and where to find example blogs to guide us through the blogs. I hope that technology is going to be the best quarterly, and I can’t wait to get started on a project(especially the flashlight project)!

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