Justin passion essay



Basketball forever

By Justin Zhang

The ball, swoops high in the air, swish! That’s why I love basketball, it is fun and fun to see you and your teammates score points. Basketball is where all the joy is of the great game that started with a physical education teacher not knowing what to do for the kids.

I love playing basketball because you can talk with your friends and it is fun to make baskets and have your friends say yes in their minds. One game we were playing a team that was bad and we dominated like hungry beasts. We scored almost every bucket. Basketball was always there when it was hot just when I always loved to play it and where I improved the most.  I also loved to watch basketball by myself and I loved the Cleveland Cavs. I chanted, Cavs, Cavs, go by myself because I am the only person in my family who likes the team.

Playing basketball brings a joy. You work on your dribbling and mostly on your shooting when you do practice by yourself. (Maybe your dad watches you play.) People usually shoot shots and not drive to the basket. People don’t drive to the basket because it’s much more fun shooting lots of shots instead of going to the rim. 

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