Atoms (Post #4)

The idea of atoms is amazing! I find it interesting that atoms make up the whole universe, and that there are many types of atoms. The most shocking idea is that technically everything is almost nothing, because in between the nucleus and the electrons of atoms, there is absolutely nothing. Even our human bodies are made up of just atoms. I also learned that atoms are so incredibly small, so small that the naked eye, or a normal magnifying glass can’t even see them. You would need to get an electron microscope to see it, which magnifies things over 500,000 times, to see little details of an atom. Imagine so many closely packed tiny atoms in the huge universe. There must be trillions of them in the universe! Though the class couldn’t get together in person to talk about Atoms, just watching the videos about it was already cool enough.

Automata #1 (Post #3)

A couple weeks ago, we were given 6 mystery boxes. Our task was to figure out how the stick sticking out from the top of the box was moving like it was when we twisted the stick on the side of the box. The challenge was really difficult, and our table was stumped for a lot of them. When the answers of how they worked were revealed, we didn’t get anything right, but at least we knew how it worked now. When we were instructed to make our own automati, we watched a few videos. Many of the automati displayed seemed very complicated at first, but then Mr.Calvert explained it to us, and the automata seemed quite simple. I was ready to make the very best automati!

Breakout (Post #2)


Click! The lock clicked open! In technology, we did a breakout, which is very similar to escape the room. Our challenge was to open a few locks on a box, and the box contained all the safety goggles in the room. Mr. Calvert hid a few clues in the room to help us open the locks. Some of them were in plain sight, but others were more hidden. The clues were hidden in unusual places in the room, and I was surprised that we found some of the more hidden clues. There was also a bonus box with only one lock that wasn’t mandatory to open to win the challenge, but the item inside the bonus box could only help. We were given 25 minutes to open the box with three locks on it.  One of those locks was a direction lock, one of them was a numbers lock, and the other was a letters lock. Our group opened the locks with about 8 minutes left on the clock, and it turns out that we got record time! Our group succeeded because we listened to each other closely, and we didn’t argue a lot. See, teamwork does make a dream work! This challenge was a very enjoyable experience, and I hope to do something just as fun as this again in technology!

Intro to Tech (Post #1)

Three days ago was my first day of technology. One of my teachers from my elementary school is now my technology teacher, and his name is Mr. Calvert. Mr.Calvert talked about the rules of technology, and most of the rules were related to safety. I thought that the rules were fair, like not being able to touch dangerous tools without permission, and not running around in the classroom. I learned that the glue guns can heat to 300 degrees, and that the power sander is the most dangerous tool in the room, because it would just shred your skin off. At first, I thought that wasn’t going to be able to get through technology without having an injury, but then I felt more comfortable when he told our class that it was perfectly possible to get through tech without an injury. Now, Mr.Calvert is teaching us how to blog, and where to find example blogs to guide us through the blogs. I hope that technology is going to be the best quarterly, and I can’t wait to get started on a project(especially the flashlight project)!

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