April 9

Hello, world!

Since the first blog my students write is an introduction to readers about who they are and what they will be blogging about, I thought it might be a good idea to write one, too. I also figured that future students could visit the blog and learn something about me before school starts in September. It may even inspire them to begin writing their own before the first day! My current class enjoys hearing stories and learning about my family, my life before becoming a teacher, and my previous students.

I guess I’ll start with my family. I live with my husband, Ted, and my two sons – Teddy and Nick. Teddy is 23 and he has a dog walking business.  He loves it! He travels all around Westchester each day taking care of all different kinds of animals.   My son, Nick, is 21 and he works at DeCicco Markets in Pelham, but he sometimes travels to their other locations. He has been working for them since he was 16 years old! We also have a dog, named Cody. Cody is a rescue dog. He lived in 4 other homes before we got him! He’s been with us for almost 10 years! I also have a mom who lives upstate and a dad who lives nearby. The other person that I tell a lot of stories about is my Grandma.  She died a while ago and I really miss her, but I have so many great memories and I LOVE to tell stories and write poems and short stories about her.

We live in Pelham, which is pretty close to Scarsdale, so it doesn’t take me long to get to school each day. Some of you may have been to Pelham or driven through it. I live really close to The Ice Hutch where some of my students play hockey or and Hooperstown where many of them play basketball. I grew up in Pelham and went to Pelham High School. I went to Iona College and got a degree in Business and I got my Master Degree in teaching from Manhattanville College. Most of my students have a hard time believing that before I became a teacher I had two other careers. At one time I owned and ice cream store! It was delicious!

I have been teaching at Fox Meadow for 14 years! I am VERY happy here! My first year here I taught first grade. The second year I was able to move up to second grade. I even got to have some of the same students! Can you believe that some of them still visit or email me? I am always excited to hear all about what they are doing now. I stayed in second grade for SIX years! After that I came to fourth grade. I have been here ever since – 7 years and counting! I think I enjoy this grade the most. The best things about fourth grade are having our own laptops, reading exciting books, and learning cool things.

Well, that’s enough about me! I can’t wait to hear about you and what makes you special. Please feel free to leave a comment and have fun exploring my pages!

Mrs. Assatly

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