June 22

Last Day

The last day of school is always so strange.  Everything has been wrapped up and the focus is on saying goodbye.  It’s exciting hearing about everyone’s summer plans, but its strange knowing they will be with someone else next year – just when you started to really know them.  You look back at pictures and can see how much they have physically grown – and you remember those first few months.  They have grown so much socially and academically, too!

Have a wonderful summer!  Don’t forget to visit!


Mrs. Assatly


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16 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. scassidyteti26

    Dear Ms. Assatly
    I also think the last day is strange. It is award that we leave at 10:00. But it is also exciting because your so close to summer! I learned a lot of stuff in this class, and can’t wait to see my new 5th grade teacher!

  2. jsaxon26

    I think that you should not worry if you get something wrong or do something wrong. And even if we have a lot of work we will do at least one fun thing.

    From Jake

  3. eha26

    Dear Mrs. Assatly,
    I agree how it feels strange on the last day of school. I agree how it is exiting to hear about everybody else’s summer plans, but when they go away, we won’t be able to see each other until September. I will visit you all the time next year and I promise that.
    – Emma

  4. dustun26

    I had the coolest school year of all time and I hoped you would move on to fifth grade. I’m counting on you to tough those 3rd graders up next year.👍👍👍
    From AKIF

  5. vzou26

    Dear Mrs.Assatly,
    I also think it is strange on the last day of school. I definitely will vist you. You are such an amazing teacher!!! Thank you!!! It will be sad to say bye:(

    Victoria Zou

  6. rshalmi26

    I am so sad to leave 4th grade and I also think its kind of strange to have a totally new class.And I love to learn what people do in the summer.I cant what for sleep away camp!

  7. m2spencer26

    I also agree with you. The last day of school is so exciting, but strange. It has been amazing working with you as my teacher and I’m glad I got you. Fourth grade was so fun. New students shouldn’t be afraid because they have a new teacher. Thank you so much Mrs.Assatly.

  8. cdecataldo26

    Dear Mrs.Assatly
    I agree that the last day is strange.I will miss you.I am so happy I will be going to fifth grade but I am also sad that I will have to leave all the friends I made this year.

  9. jryu26

    Dear Mrs. Assatly,
    You are the best teacher ever. I am so sad that I have to change teachers. I want you to be my teacher forever. I will miss you so much during the summer and I will visit you in 5th grade. You are the best teacher ever!


  10. cculang26

    Dear Mrs.Assatly
    You have been my favorite teacher this year. you helped me so much. I am very upset that I have to say goodbye but happy that I can see you and visit you.

    From Cami

  11. azaitchik26

    Dear Mrs. Assatly,
    Thanks so much for being such a great teacher. I will miss you so much. I hope you have a great summer. I will definitely come visit and I agree that it does NOT feel like the last day of school.

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