July 29

Homework Expectations

Homework Assignments

Remember, you are expected to do your very best work!

There may be additional assignments!

Spelling Schedule

Monday:         Word Preview

Tuesday:        Lesson

Wednesday:    Lesson

Thursday:      Dictation/Lesson

Friday:             Cloze Test

Wordly Wise Schedule

Wordly Wise words will be introduced and discussed in school over a two-week schedule.Words will be displayed on a classroom wall. Throughout the two weeks while we are studying each group of words, the students should be on the lookout for them being used outside their classroom.

Week 1: – Introduction to the new lesson. We will introduce each word by creating “Word Art” in the room. The students will work in pairs to create the words.

  • Monday:
    • Homework:Exercise 1A “
  • Tuesday:
    • Homework: Exercise1B, “Just the Right Word”
  • Wednesday:
    • Homework:Exercise 1C “Applying Meaning”
  • Thursday:
    • Homework:Exercise 1D “Word Study”
  • Friday:
    • In class discussion of the words. Students are encouraged to begin 1E in advance.

Week 2:

  • Monday:
    • Homework:Exercise 1E “Passage”
  • Tuesday:
    • Homework:Review Sheet
  • Wednesday:
    • Homework:Study for the Wordly Wise Test.
  • Thursday:
    • Get Wordly Wise Test signed!

Current Events Schedule

The dates listed below are the dates on which your article and summary are due.  Your article should be school appropriate and focused on a current issue or topic. Feel free to use articles from a variety of sources – local newspapers,national newspapers, magazines or Internet news sites. Please read your article carefully, complete the report sheet and be prepared to present your news article to the class.



Attachment for Current Events Form:

 Current Events Form (click on link and download form)


Students are expected to read each day. It is assumed that the expectation at home is at least 30 – 45  minutes each night.


Students will be expected to write in their Writer’s Notebook each night.


Math homework will be given as review and reinforcement and posted on site.

        Additional assignments may be added throughout the year.